Why Am I Losing Everything?

mourning coupleThere is a trend happening right now that Spirit has asked me to speak to. There are many of you finding it impossible to find jobs when everything should be making it easy, losing your homes for seemingly unjust or unknown reasons. In general, it’s expressing in many ways but you’re finding yourselves ‘losing everything’ even though you feel you’ve been doing everything right. It may feel like something is ‘happening to’ you while you watch other Lightworkers thriving and it’s causing a lot of anxiety and conflict within you.
What is actually happening is that you are being pushed into your truth. You are having everything removed from you that does not serve and/or that you’ve used as an excuse to keep you from your truth, your mission and from using your innate abilities to manifest. You’re going to find that you’ll be in a space where you are challenged to raise your vibrations and tap into your abilities to manifest your needs and desires. When you are holding onto a ‘job’ that is not serving of the greater good or a house that keeps you tethered and unable to flow with Spirit, available for those divine assignments and lessons, blaming your children for the reason you cannot serve your mission, etc., they will be pulled away from you.
No one has had to learn this any more than John and I have. I believe the reason that we went through it first is because 1. we asked for it, literally. 2. Because part of our dharma is that of teachers and leaders (lifetime after lifetime as we’ve found out) and so we had to go through certain karmic cycles to gain compassion and understanding of what is occurring for others and assist them in this process. We have learned and experienced and realized a lot over the past few years together and we have been at the lowest of the low and we are SWIFTLY rising to the highest of the high on this roller coaster of life. Our lessons have been fast and intense and by seeing things from an empowered viewpoint of “What is this teaching me? How is this a gift?” as opposed to “Why is this happening to me?” and finding blame outside of ourselves, The answer is ALWAYS within and always has been!
You’ve attempted to control your experience and be something that wasn’t true or organic to your being and your dharmic path. You’ve caved to the pressure of opposition and in your desire to love and be loved (which is true and authentic) you’ve given in to the influences of those who were brought to you through karma and dharma instead of following your own inner guidance and true heart’s desires. You’ve held onto people, circumstances and ideas that you’ve known all along don’t bring you true joy and happiness and aren’t connected to your authentic destiny.
This is by no means said to imply that you’ve been bad or wrong. This is to openly say that you are in a time where critical mass has been reached and this won’t work anymore. It is happening en masse. You’ve hit the snooze button on the destiny alarm too many times and now you’ve been tossed out of your ‘comfy bed’ (the ‘safe’ and familiar route) and are now in a position to decide whether you will lie on the floor and cry about it, or get up and get to work on the mission you chose to come here for.
Fear-n-FrustrationThe truth is, each and every one of you has known in your heart that you were here for something more and you attempted to meld into or fit into something that didn’t work. It’s never made you happy but, you stayed in it anyway. You chose this. There are some that are thriving and you may find yourself begrudging them and judging them. This will only bring you more frustration because you’re not resonating in truth. Yes, there is truth to those who identify as Lightworkers who are abundant supporting other Lightworkers on mission. You’ll find that at best, they are going to help you survive and you will be drawn to the ones that there is karma with. That’s not up to you to try to control or judge. When you realize the abundance that is all around you, understand a day without food is a moment to reflect on gratitude while fasting and remember ALWAYS that you will never be forsaken here and angels will always come to help when they’re actually needed, you can surrender in faith and flow and get through this faster.
Here’s a few things to remember during this time:
  • Healing anything that has become critical in nature is never going to be painless.
  • Resistance to what is, also causes pain.
  • What you resist persists.
  • Resistance creates natural entropy which will erode everything around you from your health, relationships, abundance, etc.
  • Resistance blocks flow and is the opposite of surrender.
  • If something is being removed from you or has been removed from you, seek to correct yourself and if that doesn’t work, surrender and realize that this is either karmic, dharmic or you are simply holding space for another, however, ALWAYS seek to correct yourself in the ways that bring you to more truth, more love and more faith.
  • Fear, ego, pride, control, judgment, etc. will NOT manifest what you desire. Your faith, love, trust, allowance and surrender WILL manifest what you desire which IS your destiny.
  • Each of us, day in and day out, is creating our own heaven, hell or purgatory. They aren’t places we go to. They are states of being.
  • Everything (except love and all of its attributes) is temporary and there’s no reason for drastic or permanent decisions and actions that cannot be undone once this shifts.
I’d like to point out that all the signs have been there all along. We were the ones that missed them. There is powerful symbology represented on each and every path. Have you noticed the nature of the Rose Cross, Medicine Wheel, Dharma Wheel, etc.? Have you noticed that every religion has a protagonist and an antagonist (or multiple)? For those who are atheist, this should all be just physics to you and quite obvious.
energy-healingYour consciousness is an energy that is always streaming. Energy flows. Trying to contain it does not work and it will eventually find a way, usually in destructive and violent ways. Your consciousness wishes to move freely and flow with ease and effortlessness and many ways you have decided to exist in the 3D experience are attempting to contain or resist that. Your holographic experience is now reflecting to you that your consciousness is expanding and will flow or will destroy that which attempts to contain it.
Change and evolution are inevitable and ARE the stream of consciousness. It’s time for a shift. There are many that can help you but, you have to be willing and open to receive. Whether you’ve had it all and now you’re losing it all, or you’ve barely been hanging on, it’s no different. You are being asked to shift into higher truths and higher purpose. Those who seem to be riding high on the waves, hold compassion and empathy for those who are drowning and throw them a line once in awhile – if you just let them drown, who will be there to throw you a line when you need help, even at higher levels? Again, keep the energy flowing. If you’re drowning, stop fighting. When you surrender, you’ll float.
The vision I was given the other night was one of a tall, narrow, winding path. The path was not well illuminated but each individual had their own personal light to shine on the path. At the top of the path was a being of light welcoming everyone up to the top, where brilliant light was emanating. As the last one set foot on the path, an adversary lit the path on fire. The flames were headed up the path quickly and those who gave help and received help from others on the path and continued moving forward without resistance, made their way up quickly and were met with the same challenges, however, easier outcomes. Those who did not give or receive help from others, resisted or rebelled against the call to move forward were burned in the flames. They could walk out of the flames at any time or just keep one foot in front of them as they were singed from behind, but the flames were coming either way and the top was always available to all who continued walking forward.
flower_of_life_by_binhoparrella-d738v9vWe’re being called home. You can call that the collapsing of the universe, the event horizon, the singularity, heaven, source, nirvana or anything else. Call it whatever you would like but, if it hasn’t been apparent to you, we are in the bottleneck of our civilization in a time like no other. The feminine is rising in her power which means something different for both sides. Getting through this, one way or another, means unity for those who are successful. You can picture that however you’d like, whether you agree with my terminology or not is irrelevant. The only truth that exists is that it’s happening and we will all learn to float or go down with the ship.
All Truth is being revealed and all that is false is being destroyed. Remain peaceful. You are not the destroyers, you are not the physical warriors. You are heart warriors, faith warriors, peace warriors, love warriors, truth warriors and healing warriors. There is nothing your hands need to do except hold other hands, offer healing, write, paint, create, draw, turn pages and wipe away tears. You are love and you are loved. Maintain your integrity in the nature you are and you will have that reflected back to you many times over what you put out. Do not allow the fear to overcome you. It is not your nature. Do not let anger and judgment overcome you. It is not your nature. Do not let pride overcome you. It is not your nature. Always remember that you are love, here only to assist others, not harm or exact revenge.
We love you and are always here to help guide you. We get many requests and Spirit leads us to those it insists we have a message for or those who are truly ready. If we don’t respond or it doesn’t line up, ask yourself if you’re truly ready to receive (open heart and mind) or if you’re still seeking something outside of you that is already within you. We trust in all divine arrangements and all divine timing. We are surrendered to the flow and know the difference between a nudge and a distraction and we are focused on the path and helping all those around us that really do wish to receive a hand up and a little feedback on the obstacles in their way. Peace be with all of you. We have compassion for what you are facing and we have been there. We have broken through just in time to help guide you. <3

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