Waiting For Your Twin Flame

Waiting For Your Twin Flame

There is a common statement we come across often within the Twin Flame community. The idea of one who is ‘waiting’ for their Twin Flame. The most important thing to remember is the Divine Mirror aspect of the relationship, which generally means if you’re waiting for them, they’re waiting for you. While many of us have come into great awareness of the Law of Attraction, many still do not realize the importance of the rest of the Universal Laws and how they apply. Still, the Law of Action goes hand in hand with the Law of Attraction to create the formula for co-creation. The very term means that you and the Universe/God/Source are doing your parts to align the manifestation you desire – in this case, your Twin Flame Union. This means integration of all aspects of Body, Mind and Spirit.

When we take a moment to observe the greatest examples of Twin Flame Unions throughout history – as well as those we can witness and observe now – what we see are very common elements and aspects. Of course, that undeniable attraction to one another is ever present, an obvious mission that is assisting to move our world forward, they are typically advanced on the spiritual journey, and they are active in the world with alignment and balance of unconditional love for self and unconditional love for the rest of the world. The paradox exists that Twin Flames are always in union ‘in 5D’, and yet, the physical reality here on Earth does not always reflect that. The goal is to get the two to match.

Allow us to expand…

The fifth dimension is what is commonly known as the ‘vortex of creation’. It is the place where infinite possibilities exist and all ideals are highlighted. It is the place we can connect to through our heart and soul to find, see, visualize and call in all that we desire. Many of us started out doing this simply for our own experience. Once anyone, Twin Flame or not, masters this aspect of the co-creation process we start to realize how it can be used to also do this for the rest of the physical world beyond us. Think about it this way – what is the point of your heavenly bliss with your Divine Partner if the air, water and food around you is polluted and you’re surrounded by the suffering of every kind? How ‘beautiful’ is your experience with your Beloved in a world of razed forests, animals going extinct every day and all your other loved ones sick and dying from all the poisons they’re being subjected to? Will you enjoy making love on the beach with oil splashing up on your bodies? Will your globetrotting and retreats be so Heavenly while crime and war still riddle each place you go to visit? How enjoyable will your beautiful meals be when you know that there are people starving all over the world?

Before you spiritually bypass the point by claiming that you won’t manifest that into your reality, you’ll be fine up on your secluded mountain surrounded by your crystals, or that everything is perfect, gratitude is all you need, or any other avoidance or excusing, consider the nature of what Twin Flames are. The very representations of Twin Flames are the historical and archetypal pairs such as Jesus and Mary, Adam and Eve, Shiva and Shakti, Radha and Krishna, Lucifer and Lilith, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Coretta Scott and Martin Luther King, Jr., Helena Blavatsky and Henry Steel Olcott, Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, and others. All of these couples shared more than just their passion for each other. They all faced challenges and struggle that purified them along the way and each of them created lasting ripples of change in the world as a whole. What they did together is still being talked about and used as examples of the greatest kind of love that can exist. The Holy Trinity, as some know it, is the Mother and the Father birthing Creation.

Bringing this around to present day, Earth has reached a critical mass. In anthropological and sociological terms, we are in a bottle neck. We will either go extinct or break through into an entirely new existence. It’s no longer about us vs. them or us OR them. Darwin’s very theory of survival of the fittest referenced the whole species, not just individuals or groups within the species. Building on that, we have to realize that there is almost no joy or purpose to our survival if we, as the dominating species on the planet, do not have all the blessings this planet has to offer. Twin Flames are coming together faster and in greater numbers than ever before because we are tasked with bringing the change – as above, so below and as within, so without. We are each Adam and Eve. Shiva and Shakti. Jesus and Mary. We come to bring the highest good of all through the individual fulfillment of each.

In our journey and the journey of all the most successful Twin Flame relationships we know of, even if one was ‘more advanced’ than the other on their journey, both were on their journey. They were each walking a path of purpose TO each other. They anticipated each other and called to each other, but they were not waiting for each other. Whether or not they knew the term ‘Twin Flame’ or had the innate Knowing that a perfect partner was out there, they were working toward their own self-healing and betterment, making change in the world to the best of their ability, they were finding more aligned Soul Family/Tribe and they were freeing themselves of all that no longer served. Whether they were conscious of it or not, they were cleaning their mirror to pave the way for illuminated love.

While every path is unique, and each pair has their own ‘templates’ to heal and clear, the point of this piece is the alignment that takes place before Union. Yes, reunion and the ‘finding’ of one another can happen before all is perfect, however, the all-encompassing union of joy, passion and bliss comes when there is alignment with several aspects of your own individual experience and this comes without the energy of ‘waiting’ or doing anything for any purpose outside of self. You are working on yourself because you love yourself, you are attracting in your Soul Tribe or Soul Family for the love of Unity Consciousness and you are working towards healing the world for your love of the world, not because you are chasing a Twin Flame. You are living a heart centered existence because you would be doing so with or without them and you actually mean it. Unconditional Love for the entire world.

When you are waiting for your Twin Flame for any reason, know that you are only waiting on yourself as the Universe waits for you. If you are measuring your success based on whether or not your Twin Flame is in your experience in some particular fashion you are hoping for, the same measurements will be placed on you. Your entire experience becomes a mirror.
So let’s get really real for a moment. In every moment, each of us is choosing success or excuses. Waiting for your Twin Flame is nothing more than an excuse for what you already know you’re here to do in your heart. Even if you don’t have a concise picture of what your total mission is (which you cannot really know in its entirety because it will be ever evolving as you move forward and the path is illuminated with each step) you can start coming into greater alignment at all times. You don’t need anyone to tell you what your heart wants. Perhaps you need help getting to the point of listening to and trusting your heart, but at the end of the day, only you Know what you are here to do. In the meantime, look around and you’ll find plenty of steps you can take to get closer to Realization.

Many are also going to have to get real with the fact that the one they’re presently waiting on isn’t even their Twin Flame. We’ll have another piece coming on this soon, however, just know that we are all learning more as we go along on an individual and collective basis and one thing that is being made very clear is that we must release all attachments. Even if the person you proclaim to be waiting for IS your actual Twin Flame, attachment is the repelling energy that keeps them away. Insistence on them being present in order for you to move forward in any aspect of your life is simply an excuse and a not-so-sneaky way of you handing your power to another to make them responsible for your life and your choices. We humbly request that you stop that. You don’t have to do what we say, and we are not the bosses of you, but we assure you that in every relationship (Twin Flame or NOT), handing your power to another is a recipe for disaster and your own proclamation to the Universe/God/Source that you are simply a victim of your circumstances. It leads to the type of energy that creates chaos in your experience that will inevitably push you to the point of complete breakdown for breakthrough. The path of greatest ease and effortlessness is the one where your breakthroughs come in the form of continuing to move forward in empowered ways with your eyes, heart and mind wide open and continually progressing. Which do you prefer?

Twin Flame Union represents Peace, Harmony, Divine Union, Mission, Healing, Awakening, Realization, Actualization and more. It represents all of this as above, so below… as within, so without… Individual and Collective…. Beginning with You and moving out to the rest of the World and the whole Universe. There’s nothing to wait for except for yourself. How much longer do you wish to wait on You?

We have full faith in all those reading this. We know that wherever you are on your path presently is Perfect in its own way and we also acknowledge that we can ALL do better. We are not excluding ourselves. There is not one person on this planet that is less than perfect in this moment and not one person on this planet that cannot do better than they are. We aren’t experiencing Heaven on Earth full time yet, and that’s ok, but that’s what we’re here to anchor in.

Twin Flames are here to anchor all the 5D elements into the 3D experience. In other words, if you TRULY identify as a Twin Flame, you know in your heart and soul you are absolutely meant to anchor in your union as the representation of Divine Union so all beings may know Divine Union. You know we are here to implement all the greatest solutions into the world as we evolve into the New Paradigm. You know in your heart and soul that you are absolutely meant to anchor in your own inner peace so that we can manifest World Peace. You know in your heart and soul we are meant to treat all others the way we would want to be treated. You know in your heart and soul you are meant to support that which supports the manifestation of all the above and take your energy out of all that which prevents or opposes the above. You know in your heart and soul what YOUR 5D vision looks like and that you’re meant to co-create that here for yourself and others. The only question left to ask yourself is how committed you are. Realize that there is no gray area when it comes to commitment. You’re either committed or you’re not. No excuses, no exceptions. Look inside and outside of yourself and ask yourself if you are authentically committed or making excuses. Be honest with yourself enough to see that if you are not where you truly want to be, chances are there’s still some excuses in the way of the manifestation and take the appropriate steps needed to heal whatever within is excusing your excuses, regardless of what your circumstances are. Again, we’re also talking to ourselves and we claim no hierarchy over another. No one is perfect, but we’re all getting closer.

We believe in you. We believe in your Union. We believe in your Mission. We believe in your Realization and Actualization. We believe in World Peace. We believe in global enlightenment and transformation. We believe in all of us.

If you are struggling with any aspect of your Twin Flame journey, do not be ashamed to embody the interdependent nature of all that is and reach out to a healer or teacher that resonates with you. We all have gifts to share with each other in some way. If you resonate with us, we invite you to explore the services we have to offer on a donation basis and contact us if you are interested in receiving any of the blessings we offer.

With sincere Love, Light, Truth, Blessings and Strength, we wish you well on your journey. May we all be infinitely & abundantly blessed! Namaste. Mitakuye O’Yasin.

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