Critical mass has been reached for your species.  Each and every one of you is now in the experience of ‘the apocalypse’.  While your religious leaders have incited fear by teaching you that this means a time of great destruction, be assured that there is no destruction taking place.  This time is that of the greatest awakening and transformation of every sentient form on your planet.  Yes, even your animals are waking up with greater consciousness and levels of intelligence than has ever been witnessed.

As you are acutely aware now, ignorance and greed has created mass suffering to an extent that all those that perceive(d) themselves to be subjugated to ‘powers that be’ have finally realized they are more like one another in spite of illusions carefully created previously.  While time is an illusion in the most infinite sense of the dimension, this moment is one of great celebration in the consciousness of your universe and other universes around it.  You are now on the razor’s edge of the ultimate success or failure of your species.  Regardless of what you choose, know that your planet will survive on and other species will adapt and evolve, no matter what.  Infinite possibility remains, and yet, the odds are rapidly accelerating towards your success.

Until your consciousness further evolves, you will not be able to comprehend the impact you have on everything around you, including distances several billion light years away, where your reverberating frequencies eventually dissipate.  Your species, and several others, were annexed from all their cosmic brothers and sisters that live as benevolent and balanced societies due to the aggressive nature(s) of all of the civilizations determined to be too volatile to interact with.  Just less than 2,000 Earth years ago, the galactic and intergalactic species that were attempting to assist you foresaw the most violent times coming for Earth.  The decision was made, with unconditional love, to allow you as a species to decide your own outcomes.  In other words, to honor your free will, no other species benevolent in nature could actually intercede unless specifically asked, and yet, the egocentric nature of the human mind left only the most conscious of your species looking to the skies asking for assistance from above, in earnest, knowing that it would come in the form of other advanced life forms facilitating your global healing and would not come magically.  The work would have to be done by you with assistance and guidance of those who have been successful at creating sustainable and peaceful societies.  Many prayed in vain to a heaven they have been taught of that does not exist as they believe it to and have been asking to be rescued while the universe has echoed back and responded with, ‘rescue yourselves’.

While it may not seem like it on the surface, this is, in fact, the greatest act of love as witnesses to your Divinity and ability to achieve what you perceive as ‘impossible’.  Many times, eager species would visit to see if you were ready to collectively receive them and this was met with destructive weapons and fear that clearly demonstrated humanity’s evolutionary state of resistance and aggression to all that is different.  The level of Xenophobia present even within your own kind has been clear and evident and made it obvious that you certainly were not ready for the level of disclosure that interstellar visits would offer to be received with peaceful curiosity.  Still, your species has evolved far faster than most and you are now approaching the Event each of you knew in your heart(s) was coming.

There is not one being on this planet that hasn’t had some incepted story regarding the ‘end of the world’.  From religious parables to manmade disasters or space objects wiping out your species, you have all had a story incepted that allowed you to face the impermanence of your experience on planet Earth as you know it.  In actuality, as the co-creators of your planetary experience, you have created what your anthropologists have called ‘a bottleneck’ in your experience.  To put this into plain terms, all civilizations reach a point at which they must breakthrough any oppression that exists or collapse takes place.  You have many lessons in your historical halls that demonstrate it on a microcosmic scale, in terms of the ‘empires’ of your perceived ‘past’.

There is nowhere on your planet that suffering does not exist.  There are some who will try to deceive you into believing that their own personal ‘enlightenment’ has led them to place of complete peace and yet, this has seemed impossible to you because it is.  It is a fallacy to believe that when just one being suffers that it does not affect the whole.  The paradox you face is that inner and outer peace go hand in hand and this will take responsibility on the part of all individuals to seek all commonalities that create unity one moment at a time by remembering every bit you can.

The way to breakthrough is paved with your current state of global breakdown.  It is time for all to reach across the divides that they individually face not from judgment or superiority, but from a place of compassion and the remembrance that whether one is conscious enough to realize oneness, they are still you.  If you are physically healthy, assist those who are physically suffering.  If you are liberated, reach to those who are oppressed.  If you are one who is peaceful, reach to those who are violent.  If you are wealthy, reach to those that are impoverished.  Reach across all perceivable lines of separateness and divide to unify yourselves, just as much as you currently unify with those who are already similar to you.

All that each of you has learned in the way of your practices, technologies, sciences, philosophies and more is now being challenged into action.  The majority of humanity has sat idly by waiting for something outside of them to bring change.  It is time now for each of you to step into the roles you are meant to serve with great effect and passionate, well aligned collaborations.  Once the proverbial boulder reaches the top of the hill, gravity will take over and in your unavoidable surrender you will literally fall into love.  Love of self, love of other and all that exists.  Your Oneness is inevitable in a macro and micro cosmic certainty.

Hold faith.  For a time it will seem as if all is falling apart, and yet, you have known all along that ‘Babylon’ would fall and out of all the ashes a phoenix would rise.  This phoenix represents the moment all of humanity has been waiting for.  The polarization of humanity is happening now and a more concentrated intelligence than you hold within your population is separating the wheat from the chaff.  The alignment of your thoughts, words and deeds are all equally weighed in the process as each of you is infinite in nature and death is but an illusion.

Each of you reading this message is either a servant of love or are receiving this message as an invitation to become the servant of love you already know exists within, regardless of what you feel has held you back from expressing as pure love in ‘the past’.  In these times, remember to begin with love for self – a life of simplicity and passion.  Focus all your attentions and intentions on that which offers more love and inspiration and ushers in sustainable solutions to your species’ challenges.  From self love, move to love of all others – a life of compassionate service with direction to the vision of your personal Heaven on Earth you have always known was possible.

Cleave to one another and allow all those in your field of awareness to experience the greatest and most authentic expressions of your love and light.  Know that this is who you are at the very core of your being – love and light – as it is where you came from and where you will return.  Long before you came from the Earth and were lead to believe you would only return to the Earth, you traversed time and space to manifest in the material experience as a physical representation of that love and light you emanated from.  Upon your completion with your time exploring as consciousness in physical form on Earth and elsewhere, you will inevitably return to the Source of love and light you came from.  Remember who you are, God, and shine your love and light on the rest of divinity.

Soon you will understand unity beyond the unity you can imagine at this moment in ‘time’. As your planet shifts into the New Paradigm of love and unity, more advanced beings from the far reaches of your universe come to celebrate with you and bring you even greater gifts for your advancement than you have so far been able to engineer and the spontaneous Genesis of your planet will begin in a seemingly miraculous healing and resurrection of all that is balanced and good for your planet and yourself.  The greatest good will be that which brings about individual fulfilment in harmony, equanimity, and abundance.  Even more wisdom and knowledge than you can currently perceive of will come to heal and remove all of your current illusions and allow you to move into the truest and most authentic expressions of your individual and collective Being.

Continue to rejoice in the Knowing of the ‘time’ that is upon you now, with gratitude for all that has been.  The contrast has created the impetus for the greatest celebration humanity has ever known and even your animal kingdom will acknowledge the most massive quantum ascension that has ever happened.

Please share this message far and wide. This is the good news (Truth) prophesied in many of your religious books. It does not matter what religion or path you are on, as all are simply perceptions limited by the human mind of what actually is. We are One. All perspectives are True and Correct.  This message is intended to be shared, spoken, recorded and spread in its entirety with no author needing credit. This message is humanity’s message. Love and Unity is all there is now. Everything else is a quickly disintegrating illusion.

Wisdom comes swiftly.  Love bows to her.  Their consummation births Peace.  The True Holy Trinity.

May you all be blessed with Peace!

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