Urgent Message To Carriers of the Divine Light of Source

Urgent Message To Carriers of the Divine Light of Source


This is a Divine Message from those who love you and come to encourage, remind and prepare you for the next chapter of your experience and work. This message will resonate as truth to all those it serves and will need no defending or convincing. You will feel the truth of the words in your heart and will see it repeated by other channels and guides you trust. The only truths are LOVE and UNITY. All are welcome to share across all forms of media to spread awareness of this next time of Transition and Purification. This message is coming as a call to love. This is not meant to incite fear. It is intended to expand your love and light. It comes as a timely reminder of strengthening your peace and love within, and expanding the existing light within you.

The timelines have aligned and a period of ‘tribulation’ is coming. An unstoppable darkness is coming in service to Earth and all life upon it. This will happen individually and collectively in a series of events natural and manmade that are about to occur. Those serving the light have no need to feel discouraged. The only truths are LOVE and UNITY.

It is a time in which you are being asked to individually strengthen your own personal will, faith, love, peace, forgiveness and abilities to manifest. Hold your visions pure. Focus on the blueprints in your heart that lay out the plans for your own individual New Earth experience. Release all attachment to the how and when and simply allow the Divine to work magic for all of us. Each of your blueprints aligns with others’ and all of them will come into place in a beautiful tapestry of the final 5th dimensional reality/realities made physical and obvious in 3rd dimensional experience. The more surrendered each of you are in your personal experience, the sooner this cycle will complete. We wish to emphasize, again, the importance of this period is adjusting the current state of Life on Earth and bringing in the New Paradigm. The only truths are LOVE and UNITY.

The guidelines that follow have been taught to you for a long time. For some it may seem like common sense reminders and you will know that you are already prepared. For others who may have become lax or have not fully embraced these guidelines, it is important to solidify the following practices starting immediately if you choose to align yourself with the Highest Good of All and avoid being ‘left behind’. All are now here to heal or be healed. Your deliberate action in alignment with beliefs and the energies you allow to exist in your body and mind are the determining factor in how ‘pure’ you are and what will manifest for you next. The only truths are LOVE and UNITY. Spend the next few weeks strengthening yourself more than ever before and release all attachments and expectations. An entirely different experience is about to begin and it is urgent that you only hold the vision of what you want to see on the other side of humanity’s purification and healing. All that is false is being destroyed and all that is true will rise up.


• Daily practice of your own mindfulness and self-love methods that incorporate the wellness of body, mind and spirit.

• Trust, forgive and allow all others. Know that each is consciously or unconsciously performing their divine role in this time, whether you can see the divinity in it or not. Any judgment or fear you project onto situations or people will only create resistance. You have no need to control anyone or anything other than yourself. The only truths are LOVE and UNITY. You are free to offer positive influence to those open to receive your words of wisdom when your inner discernment alerts you to a more loving outcome. This will be your only option during this time. All control will be met with resistance. If they resist or refuse, go back to trust and allowance. Save your life force energy for those willing to heal. In other words, those resisting only drain you. If they are unwilling to help themselves, they are resisting and will drain you. Those willing and trying create a balance flow that allows you to assist in their healing without draining your own well.

• The mysterious and confusing will be illuminated by the light of Truth and Obviousness shed so that all will be explained, and all will be revealed in due time. Trust and Surrender and all revelation will come. The only truths are LOVE and UNITY.

• Trust your intuition, even when it does not make logical sense. Trust your intuition in spite of fear or self-judgment. Trust your intuition even when it seems to go against what you ‘believe’ in because it will lead you to all the right circumstances, people, places, meals, manifestations and more. The only truths are LOVE and UNITY.

• Cleave to your Tribe. It is of utmost value and importance that you find and unite with your local tribe. Each of you is an individual point of light, like the stars in the night sky, and when coming together in community and fellowship, you exponentially expand the light like our own burning sun that illuminates and empowers all. Become the beacon of light TOGETHER with unified intentions of peaceful healing to all beings seeking your light. Some scenarios may be too overwhelming for an individual, but will be manageable to the group. Support and encouragement can be offered in online fellowship, however, physical fellowship is more important now than ever before. All illusions of separateness must be shed now. Find the Unions and Unity you CAN have right NOW. The only truths are LOVE and UNITY.

• Interdependent collaboration is urgent now, as no man is an island and each of you needs each other, specifically during these upcoming times of challenge. The time of individual struggle is over. The illusion is shattered. All soul-utions are available now. Start implementing interdependent collaboration as quickly as possible with your local tribe and beyond to open up greater portals of consciousness, wisdom, abundance and more. The days of competition and rivalry are over. You are ONE. Each of you is the other. The only truths are LOVE and UNITY. Lead by example and find all the greatest ways to collaborate on sustainable and conscious projects and events as quickly as possible. We cannot stress this enough. This is UNITY. Become the change you wish to see and find unity with those around you, available to you in 3D physical presence as you’ve all been placed right where you need to be.

• If you find yourself called to a place, now is the time to go. Trust in the Divine to provide you with all the signs and synchronicities that will lead to the solutions of the how and why as you go. Your presence and energy is being requested in a specific geographical location for a reason. The only truths are LOVE and UNITY.

• Release all that is false. If it does not belong in the New Paradigm, put it down. Embrace Truth. The only truths are LOVE and UNITY. This includes relationships, people, habits, products, addictions, ways of being and ways of living, jobs, mindsets and all that keeps you enslaved. Live your purpose and passion now. You are all One pulling in the Higher Dimensions into Experienced Reality. By choosing to hold onto anything you know does not belong in the New Paradigm, you are consciously choosing to be a part of the resistance and opposition. Those who are not pulling it down in faith, trust, collaboration and love are consciously choosing the resistance and opposition. Truth will prevail. Those embracing Truth will prevail. All that is false will be released and/or destroyed.

• Each of you has your gifts to share unconditionally and fearlessly in all collaborations. Some knowledge, some wisdom, some healing, some money, some resources, some connections, and so forth. Some will have strong presence of multiple pieces. It is important to acknowledge your part in each community and collaboration and be as unconditional as possible. Your gifts were given to you in love and trust by your creator so that you could be a conduit delivering that aspect of abundance and divinity. Remember who you are with gratitude for your gift and your ability to be a conduit. The only truths are LOVE and UNITY.

• There will be times and people that seem frightening. Transmute the energy and go into that inner peace, love, trust and surrender you have learned. The only truths are LOVE and UNITY. Now more than ever, remember who you are and that you are here to ground in the love and light of Source. You have the ability to do this for all.


• More now than ever before, it is urgent that you are consciously eating. Eat as much organic food as possible. A primarily plant based diet is very important to bring in as much essence of abundance, Mother Earth, peace and nutrition. Meat and all animal products are strongly discouraged as we ground into Earth at this time. If you feel yourself pulled to eat meat and know it is meant to be after trying to satiate the desire with plant based protein sources, only consume what has been sourced consciously and humanely. Please understand the urgency with which we speak. It is time for us to take our attention off of that which is harming the Earth and focus on real solutions. When the adjustments are complete, no animal will ever be slaughtered or enslaved for man’s greed. Ask yourself if the meat you are about to eat is absolutely necessary. There will be very few times that it will be. In ancient times, meat was a necessity of humanity’s survival, and to some extent still is for those living off the land in remote and oppressed areas. Mother Earth forgives her children for this. Almost all of you reading this have the ability to access a large variety of plant based protein sources. Once the darkness is lifted, there will never be another animal slaughtered for humanity’s hunger. The only truths are LOVE and UNITY.

• Turn your eyes and attention away from the mainstream media. Educate yourselves. You have an endless supply of enlightening and educational resources in the form of books, series, movies, documentaries, music and more. Keep your attention focused on that which will bring you the greatest knowledge and wisdom.

• Spend every coin of your money with a purpose until we return to sacred economics. Act and spend as if already existing in a world of sacred economics. Ask yourself if what you are spending it on is a consciously chosen cause each time you make a purchase. Ask yourself, “Am I buying something that will survive into the New Paradigm? Am I buying this mindfully? Am I paying for something to comfort myself as opposed to healing myself? Am I buying this in vanity? Am I spending this with good intention?” The only truths are LOVE and UNITY. In every possible situation, buy direct from the source. There are very few things, anymore, that you will need to purchase from a distributor or retailer, and when you do, do your best to make sure you are purchasing from retailers and distributors that are conducting their business in conscious and sustainable ways.

• Share, share, share!! The only truths are LOVE and UNITY! What extra you have is to be shared with a purpose. Direct giving is STRONGLY encouraged. Your technology has a means for you to find all the best causes and individuals to share with. ‘Saving for your future’ was a very sneaky implantation of fear taught to you to energetically block the organic flow of abundance, trust, interdependence and community driven ways of life. Sit with this and you will feel the truth of these words. Trust the Divine over Banks. Jump start sacred economics right now in faith. You are all One. Why would you hold back from yourself?

• Re-examine all relationships in your life. If there is energetic imbalance, create balance. Request what you believe is due to you or offer what you believe is due from you. Ask this in meditation or prayer with your Creator and Higher Self. Take serious stock in all that has been offered to you and all that you have offered and ask yourself, Truthfully, if you have been loving in offering equal energy or have need to ask for balance from another that you have allowed to create imbalance. Think back on as many relationships as you can from your past and present. The only truths are LOVE and UNITY. There is no Oneness in imbalance. Imbalance represents duality. Balance is necessary, in all realms of experience, to create Oneness.

• Make room for forgiveness in your heart to release all from their karma to you. Part of what has been happening in your reality is karmic clearing. You can choose to clear karma due to you by others and in that way some of your karma will also clear. If all of you were to do this at once, a massive weight would lift off the planet. The only truths are LOVE and UNITY. When you love one another and remember you are all one, there is no reason not to forgive another because they are you and self-judgment is not love.

• Surround yourself with sacred sounds. Align with the vibrations of the universe, not just the energies this world has to offer you which is erratic at best right now. There are many types of sacred sounds that will bring you back to a divine vibration of oneness and healing. We cannot stress the importance of this enough. Sound heals. Sound aligns. You have access through technology to many sacred sounds to heal and soothe. The only truths are LOVE and UNITY.

• Be mindful to avoid those who preach ideas of division, violence, anger, revenge, fear, hoarding, separation or other misaligned ways of thinking and being. There will be moments that you will find it tempting to fall into these old patterns and mind viruses. There is a lot happening to attempt to weaken who and what you are and bring you to submission of that which no longer serves because it will seem like the easy and tempting way out. This is not the case. Stand strong, Light Warriors. You are almost there. The only truths are LOVE and UNITY.

There will be more guidance to come as the time nears. You already see it coming. Prepare yourselves. There is nothing to fear and much work to do. Most of your work will be spiritual in nature, however, all of you will be asked to ‘get your hands dirty’ to assist in what is coming. This is the reason you incarnated into a physical body and this is why so many of you have experienced a life of work that has made you strong as well as gaining what seemed like menial skills in service. Trust that it had a purpose and will be revealed in Divine Time, much to your delight and celebration. You are loved. You are supported. Never forget who you are. Peace be with you, Beloveds.

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