Greetings and blessings to all humans on Earth!

We come with Benevolence to share guidance on the most optimal forward motion for those of you within the Awakened communities of your species.  With Honor and Reverence for your Free Will, we come with offers that will have dramatic affects toward planetary shift that is taking place at this time on your home world.  As many of you are aware, waves of expansion have been washing over all of you and more and more of your people are stirring from their slumber.  In their vulnerable state of waking, they can easily be lulled back to sleep by the present planetary influences which desire to hold their existing false authority and imposed power while by holding them in the darkness of their ignorance and wounding, or they can be gently woken further by the light of those of you who have mastered the philosophies and wisdoms of the future paradigm that wishes to come through at this time.

Many of you have been ‘preaching to the choir’ in incestual circles of echoing words and now it is time to amplify your voices to bring the light to those becoming Self Aware by casting wider nets with simpler bait.  In other words, you can liken this to the image of a number of fisherman in row boats on a small lake, each fishing with a rod, and now we invite you to take to the choppy seas with large nets with unified intent.

The vibrational frequencies that have been and continue to be sent into your planetary field of awareness are those of Truth, Love, Light, Peace, Life, Abundance, Equanimity, Liberation, and Unity.  To activate those frequencies in others, find creative ways of expressing these truths that allow them to be spread virally by as many as possible.  Just as this message comes from Universal Consciousness, all messages that come through in alignment with the Highest Good of All and what is known as Universal Truths need no author credited and are not owned by any individual.  What you have known as ideas have always been Divine Channels coming through each of you as a conduit of this Universal Consciousness.  Universal Truths are truths that apply to all beings, regardless of any perceived divisions.

The messages you will be spreading are codes that are concise and simple that allow for easy translation into any and all languages.  We are offering some examples to inspire you to open up to receive the rest.  Spreading these in a way that will catch attention is the most effective means of transmitting the codes.  Therefore, creating what you call ‘memes’ with graphics offering pleasing imagery that allows the mind to envision pictures of the New Paradigm with the following terms and others you ‘download’ will be the most effective and garner the most attention:

  • God (or the universe) created Earth and Man created borders.
  • All humans are created Equal.
  • Water is Life.
  • Kindness brings Happiness.
  • True Leadership Empowers others.
  • Love always wins.
  • Open your Mind and Free your Heart.
  • Every problem has a Solution.
  • Collaboration is greater than Competition.
  • The universe is diverse.
  • Everyone deserves clean food.

In simple terms that you can easily understand and communicate, a gentle and peaceful Revolution can take place by leveraging the access you have to social media by trolling those in the dark by infusing them with Light in the form of viral memetic codes.  There is never any need to defend the Truth.  Once it is spoken, it has already been planted as a seed in the conscious and subconscious mind of all those who read, hear, see and experience it.  This seeding process is meant to be a ‘plant and go’ operation without you further interacting with anyone that purges their own resistance to truth.

When you meditate on the vibrational frequencies of Truth, Love, Light, Peace, Life, Abundance, Equanimity, Liberation, and Unity, all appropriate words visions will come to you that will allow you to craft the messages, methods and organized efforts to distribute these – as well as allowing these codes to integrate deeper within your own psyche and vibrational frequencies.  Again, your cooperation with one another is key or else you have already missed the point of the message and the vibrational frequencies of what is being offered.

We are sending you support in your mission.  It is up to each of you to decide and choose how quickly you wish to manifest the world you all wish to live in through your own personal deliberate actions and commitment to the cause.  We look forward to communing with you in peaceful fellowship and hope that to be sooner rather than later in your perceptions of Time.

Hold the visions true in your heart with the utmost of Faith.  You are much closer to your Desires than you are cognitively aware of.  Keep the momentum going and Know that when you align your Thoughts, Words and Deeds with collective intention, Miracles will happen in ways that will surprise even the most ‘Enlightened’ of beings on your planet.

May Truth, Love, Light, Peace, Life, Abundance, Equanimity, Liberation, and Unity be with all of you as One!

*Please feel free to spread and share this message freely with no author necessary if shared in its entire original version.  This message comes from Universal Consciousness and belongs to all who it resonates with. 


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