Unconditional Love and Twin Flames

unconditional-love1Unconditional Love is truly Love with NO conditions. This means that nothing is forbidden and all is forgiven. It means accepting whatever the other(s) have to offer and truly accepting, receiving and not even NEEDING to forgive because it is of no offense to you. Practicing with others requires first being able to practice it with one’s own Self. Literally, let your Self speak to you by eliminating the chatter of Ego that is the filter of Self. The goal is to, instead, reverse your programming and filter Ego through Self.

The love you inherently have for your Twin Flame, the other half of your soul, is the most inviting and motivating reason to work towards perfecting this practice for any one person. They are your invitation to step into your greatness so you may also practice this with the whole world and by practicing with the whole world, we shift the vibration of our entire civilization, sending out ripples of contagious Unconditional Love. What we project into our hologram must be played back at us, so by practicing more Unconditional Love, we will also receive more Unconditional Love… in our individual experience and our collective experience.

Practicing Unconditional Love is exactly that… a practice. No one is expected to perfect it in this lifetime. By practicing with yourself first, you automatically give yourself complete acceptance, forgiveness, honor and can be in touch with your Divine nature… your Infinite Divinity. What happens is that you begin to forget who you think you are and remember who You are and in doing so, you remember who everyone else is as well. It always has to start with you. YOU are the creator of your own reality. No matter what anyone else does, your perception will always affect your reality to the nth degree.

Your reality is simply the reflection of your projection. <3

In order to create change in your situation, it is true that you must first be the change you wish to see. If you want more love, Be more Love. If you want more abundance, Be more Abundance. If you want more peace, Be more Peace. This is the healing. This is the paradigm shift. This is the beginning of something new. The conscious evolution of all of humanity. Each of us must play our own role. You can choose to be a part of the shift or a part of the resistance and either way, you will experience what you are choosing. Resistance or Change. You decide.

As always, if you find yourself needing assistance with the processes and/or gaining a deeper understanding of these philosophies, you are invited to seek donation based counseling and coaching with Starseed Davina and/or Jai Amun Bhakti.  We are in service to all of humanity as guides to those wishing to receive clues for their own Hero’s Journey.  As Twin Flames in Union, we offer both energetic halves of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine perspectives and wisdoms and provide safe space for your growth and healing where nothing is forbidden and all is forgiven, offering you a gentle hand of acceptance to lead you step by step closer to your destiny.  

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