Twin Flame Walk Ins

soul exchange 1I’d like to share something I saw in a vision, if you can call it that, the other day while in a VERY raw, open place of awareness. This is a new revelation to me, so there is much more to be considered and I don’t consider this to be the final iteration of this ‘theory’, in regards the influx of Twin Flame pairs we’re expecting to see reuniting in 2015 and beyond during this accelerating conscious evolution.  I believe I have a clue in all of this and I offer it up only as MY belief based on what I have experienced and seen and anyone is free to reject it or accept it as their own.   Either way,  maybe it will give you hope or perhaps you’ll even be offended, but either way, I hope you know that I have the best of intentions in sharing this.  Remember, we live in a realm of infinite possibilities.

There is something called a ‘walk in’ and something called a ‘walk out’ that is supposed to happen during a ‘soul exchange’… people who go through traumatic head injuries or other shocking situations that bring them close to death or even sometimes during sleep, who, when regaining consciousness have what doctors have only been able to describe as permanent amnesia (remembering nothing and no one from their ‘life’ before that moment and having to learn about everyone and everything all over again), however, many of them claim the soul that originally inhabited their body left – walked out – and they walked in … or seriously feel like they don’t know their former self and NOTHING is ever familiar, even walking away from marriages and children that ‘don’t feel like their own’.  Their personalities change, their likes and dislikes change, their mannerisms change and some of them even develop or lose accents.  This is just a little background. As someone who was very interested in the paranormal, I deeply studied one particular person who claimed to be a ‘walk-in’ after a head injury around 3 or 4 years old and his family claimed it was obvious he was an entirely different child afterward… nothing about him was familiar and he was terrified and they never quite formed a bond again… he became rejected in his family and never fit into society quite right. I honestly believe, after all I learned about him and everything I’ve read about walk-ins and their experiences, that he really was a soul that walked into an ‘available’ body.

It is my belief, based on this and what I was shown, that some of the Twin Flame pairs we’re going to start seeing are Twin Flame ‘walk-ins’.  I believe that even if someone’s Twin Flame has passed away or hasn’t incarnated yet… that they can ‘walk-in’ to another body.

twin flame angelsIf you KNOW you have a Twin Flame out there and are called to this Hero’s Journey, I believe that you can still manifest them into the physical. It’s possible that maybe they’re already here and you just haven’t met the ‘new’ them, yet. I’m not sharing this to give anyone false hope, nor do I believe it will happen frequently, and I realize it is a BOLD claim, but I believe that as an oracle I was given this vision to share because it will apply in some cases.

I believe that, in addition to deaths, with free will, it may be that the number of pairs needed in order to fulfill prophecies and raise the frequency of the vibration of this planet may also have something to do with why some people ‘awaken’ later than others, as well. Meaning, perhaps if COUPLE A decides they aren’t going to be in Union in this lifetime after all, in essence giving up on their mission entirely, one of the halves here will awaken and call in the other who will then arrive in the form of a walk-in as ‘next runner ups’, if you will.

I believe there is a minimum set number of us that must reach to attain certain level of Union and be willing to release fears and serve their purpose fully in order to complete ‘the mission’ and so there are allowances for the above circumstances.

Again, if it doesn’t resonate… just spit it out because it’s not your’s. If it does, it may be something to consider. Of course, our reality will only reflect back to us what we truly believe our reality to be, so if you can’t hold faith in something like this, it would be unlikely for you to actually experience it anyway, however, the reverse is also true in my opinion.

Love to all of you! <3

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