Services and Gifts

Services and Gifts


Please be sure to read through all available services and gifts before choosing the one that best suits you.

Starseed and JB (aka Nikki and John) are Twin Flames in Union. They are dedicated to their
mission of assisting humanity’s ascension and guiding other Twin Flames through this life changing journey. Together, their gifts are more powerful. They are both natural intuitives, healers and teachers with many years of experience between the two of them. They are answering their Call to give insight and direction to those of you that feel they have met their Twin Soul or are struggling with soul mate connections and need guidance through spiritual counseling and transformational coaching.   They created and run a Twin Flame support group on Facebook with thousands of members actively pursuing Twin Flame union and missions.

The two of them have experienced all phases of the Twin Flame and soul mate journey, both as runners and chasers, and have worked with hundreds of Twin Flame halves or pairs, in addition to a combined effort of 30 years of esoteric, spiritual, philosophical and practical wisdom. This experience will help shed light on what you and your twin may be going through, as well as approaches to furthering you along your journey and closer to Union. It is their belief that there are mission imperative reasons that all Twin Flames incarnated are now reuniting more than ever before in human history and they are eager to assist in this process, wherever they can, as humanity’s ascension relies on it.

Between the two of them they have thousands of satisfied clients in dozens of countries around the world having covered a myriad of topics. They have a 20 year educational background in Anthropology, world religions, yoga, meditation, personal development, life coaching, conscious parenting, paranormal phenomena, esoterics, reiki and other energy healing modalities, philosophy and generalized spirituality. Their methods are founded on the teachings of the masters and religions of past and present, which they continue to study and apply daily in their own lives.


As prayer warriors, Starseed and JB speak powerful omnifaith prayers.  In other words, it is not the typical “in Jesus name, Amen” type of prayer.  Those who have received the prayers find comfort and empowerment.  Each prayer is mindfully crafted with the highest vibration heart centered intentions possible, with love and balance, honoring you as a sovereign and sacred being. Their prayers for you are an act of them investing their faith and ‘heavenly votes’ in your success and fulfillment.  The prayers are delivered within 24 hours, usually less, and can be used for single purpose or ongoing comfort as you move through a challenging time in your life if that’s what is needed.

There is no donation asked.  Prayers are an unconditional gift to all and one offered with the deepest of gratitude for the opportunity to connect with the Divine on your behalf.


The Divine Family Conscious Fellowship is for those serious about their commitment to the mystery school model of individual and collective healing and expansion. This is a closed fellowship group for those in any stage of their spiritual and conscious development wishing to take deliberate action and commitment in accelerating their ascension and conscious evolution. Together, we will focus on a weekly topic and subject area and then share our thoughts, interpretations, breakthroughs and more on a weekly group call (which will be scheduled to suit as many as possible). All will be provided in the form of videos and reading materials in advance.

While some materials may come from religious sources, there is no emphasis or focus on any specific religion or path. This is an esoteric open minded group exploring all areas of spirituality and consciousness with other curious beings ready to move to the next step, organized and lead by a powerful Twin Flame Pair in Divine Union. All subjects will focus on personal development, practical application and expanding service to humanity and the cause of unifying humanity toward the greatest agreements and solutions towards World Peace by anchoring in New Paradigm ideals of the highest good of all through the healing and fulfillment of each individual, however we each feel called to serve our roles.

Monthly donation for the Mystery School is $108, unless other energy exchange is pre-arranged.


Our distance healing sessions include a telephone consultation and are a combination of several modalities including, but  not limited to, Reiki, Quantum and Intention.  Almost all clients feel the effects of the healing during the session, and all experience it afterward.  It’s important to note that no healer can heal you.  You heal yourself.  Depending on the modality, it lends its energy, spirit, medicine or other blessing toward your healing to assist you with your healing and facilitate it.  It is your own personal healing work to believe that you can be healed and to commit to releasing all factors that perpetrate the nature of your dis-ease in order for your healing to be integrated with us or any other healer.

The suggested donation for the phone consultation and distance healing is $77 for 30 minutes and $111 for 1 hour.


Starseed and JB are notorious for guided meditations.  While most have been done with large groups, they also offer customized recorded guided meditations.  A 30 minute phone consultation is also necessary in order for them to assess what the best meditation for you will be.  After your phone consultation, you can choose to do the meditation with them and have the call recorded for playback later, or opt for a separate recording that can be delivered within 72 hours of your call.   Note, this is not hypnosis.  These are powerful meditations designed for you to explore and discover your own power and truth.

The suggested donation for personalized guided meditations is $111 unless a prearranged energy exchange is agreed upon.


Together with their higher selves, their guides and yours, Starseed and JB can give empowering and healing insight and narratives to any situation, as well as offering guidance on practical application to assist you with your current challenges and blocks.

Starseed and JB DO NOT do traditional readings. Their sessions do include intuitive guidance, however, their coaching is designed to be an acceleration process that helps you address the issues at hand, and also avoid potential setbacks in the future by simply teaching you how to be true to yourself and live a life of purpose, true fulfillment, connection with Self and spirituality as well as teaching you how to free yourself from the thing(s) holding you back the most. Instead of taking any specific religious approach, they refer to Universal Laws, philosophical perspectives, and Archetypal energies in their conversations. They seek to revive the greatest truths available to humanity from all wisdom available, to facilitate connection with Self and oneness with all. Starseed and JB offer safe, non-judgmental space for your healing and development.

Please be prepared to invest in yourself as much as they are willing to invest in you. When you choose a session with them, prepare to be focused and receive information from your guides, ascended masters, natural intuition and other sources you may be unfamiliar with.  Starseed and JB’s sessions are relaxed and VERY in depth. They have committed to a life of service to humanity.  Be prepared to hear the truth with guidance on how to mend or repair your situation and get you back on track with your full potential in mind.

Starseed and JB celebrate diversity and unity through consilience. Often our ‘differences’ are founded in identical desires, with different perspectives. Desires to be loved, respected, accepted, acknowledged, safe, have healthy food and clean water, and connection with others. No matter what the color of your skin is, your religion, your gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status or any other factor, you are just as worthy of respect and love as anyone else.

They believe that what we are living in is of your own creation, and whether you understand it or not, you have asked for and created what you are experiencing. To that end, Starseed and JB expect clients that are ready to take responsibility for themselves and are already living a life of inspired action and deliberate creation. There are no accidents in life and the present is old news. Join them in taking a look at positive directions for your future and simple steps to get you there sooner, rather than later. Are you ready to give and receive more love? Are you ready to take responsibility for your situations and your actions in order to empower yourself to create positive change? Are you ready to forgive and be forgiven? Are you ready to reach your highest potential? Are you ready to release limiting beliefs and perspectives that are keeping you from your best version of yourself?

Starseed and JB have assisted with the transformation process in the lives of many that were willing and ready to receive guidance and evolve into a more dynamic reality through elevating their own consciousness. Topics they cover include love and relationships, Law of Attraction, spirituality (non-denominational, non religious), depression and anxiety, family, lightworker missions and ascension, past lives, self realization, self actualization and more.

The suggested minimum donation is $222 per session.  For monthly coaching clients wanting to secure a weekly session on a monthly basis, the suggested minimum donation is $777 and  for those wanting 2 sessions per week, $1,444.  Starseed and JB have committed their entire life in service and your donation not only supports your healing and growth, but assists in funding their Twin Flame Mission.  If you feel that price is out of reach for you, they have scholarships available in conjunction with a genuine and sincere donation of any amount and energy exchange to ensure that you still receive the assistance, guidance and wisdom needed to move forward on your path, without discrimination.  Please expect to spend a minimum of 2 hours with them each session and be prepared to take notes.  Each session will be include exercises and action steps for you to continue your learning, healing and growth beyond your time with them.

When you make your donation, please be sure to include in the notes the best means of contact to schedule a time and communication method that is convenient.  If you have any questions beforehand, please check the FAQ section to see if it’s already covered and if not, feel free to contact them for more information.


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