Twin Flame Separation: Runner and Chaser Phase

running and chasing 2Most of us are very familiar with the phase of Twin Flame Separation.  Running and chasing energies are not exclusive to the Twin Flame dynamic.  As a matter of fact, it’s also quite prevalent with Soul Mates regardless of the title of their relationship (romantic, familial, friendship, etc.) and shows up in physical manifestations of people going apart or even in emotional shutdowns and failures in communication.   In these scenarios there are several reasons and ways that the game of running and chasing can begin.  What is required of us, if we are consciously choosing to end the cycle, is to be brutally honest and mindful about our part and role in the dynamic and what we can do to come back into Union.  For instance, a runner will run if the other party is chasing, if they are running from having to face themselves or if both parties are simply repelling each other.  Additionally, we never know when there is karma at play that must be dissolved in order to bring balance into the relationship.

It can be really hard to face ourselves sometimes.  Trying to find out if we’re also repelling the other or chasing them can be something counterintuitive.  Of course, our Ego would like us to immediately believe that the other simply is running from themselves because we aren’t actually ready to be honest about places our Ego has had control of us and we have been acting in ways that are not supportive of a healthy relationship with another.

Understand that the Law of Polarity needs to be reflected upon during a phase of separation.  Think of it like atoms and magnets.  For a deeper understanding, The Physics Classroom says:

“Atoms are the building blocks of matter. There are different types of atoms, known as elements. Atoms of each element are distinguished from each other by the number of protons that are present in their nucleus. An atom containing one proton is a hydrogen atom (H). An atom containing 6 protons is a carbon atom. And an atom containing 8 protons is an oxygen atom.

The number of electrons that surround the nucleus will determine whether or not an atom is electrically charged or electrically neutral. The amount of charge on a single proton is equal to the amount of charge possessed by a single electron. A proton and an electron have an equal amount but an opposite type of charge. Thus, if an atom contains equal numbers of protons and electrons, the atom is described as being electrically neutral. On the other hand, if an atom has an unequal number of protons and electrons, then the atom is electrically charged (and in fact, is then referred to as an ion rather than an atom). Any particle, whether an atom, molecule or ion, that contains less electrons than protons is said to be positively charged. Conversely, any particle that contains more electrons than protons is said to be negatively charged.”

morpheusNow that you have a basic understanding of that, it’s also important to take the Divine Mirror into consideration (we will explain this in an upcoming post).  More often than not, what you’re seeing in others is a reflection of what you are actually doing.  So, if you think that the other person is running, it’s because you’re actually running in a mirror reflection of them and likewise with chasing.  One of the most common causes of this is by ignoring your own egoic actions that are holding you back from Union.  In fractal terms, and in ways this often happens, a pattern can be seen where your partner is running because you’ve pushed them away (a form of running) by pointing fingers at them for behaviors in the relationship that you are not willing to consider are in you as well in some way (also running).

Truly, chasing energies are in fact a form of repelling energies which are also an indication that you’re running from your Union by not keeping your energies, attachments,  thoughts and emotions in check.  Ego has gotten the best of you in these areas and whether or not you’re manifesting this through 3D behaviors (strong pursuing, internet stalking, consistent ‘venting’ and attention seeking, retelling the story repeatedly, etc.) or in 5D terms (obsessive thoughts, co-dependent needs, victim mentalities, etc.) it’s time to take a step back and become ‘neutral’ and observe yourself in body, mind and spirit terms.  How are you resisting union through running or chasing, what kinds of thoughts and emotions are you holding and where is your energy in terms of overall positive and confident vs. negative and needy?

There are times that you truly are not running or chasing, and these are very rare moments for even the most conscious and mindful individuals, and you are still being asked to shift to an even deeper place of Unconditional Love without allowing your energies to sway into running or chasing.  If you truly are seeing someone running from themselves, you have been through this long enough to know how difficult it is to face yourself and can then practice all that Unconditional Love spells out including compassion, forgiveness, understanding, patience and coming to a state of attractive energy by casting out positive thoughts, emotions and intentions while allowing them the time to figure themselves out.

karma1Lastly, we may never know when Karma is at play.  Remember that almost every experience in our lives that are profound and moving are, in fact, karmic.  Perhaps you’ve somehow abandoned the other in a past life and this will burn off that energetic debt of karma to solve things between the two of you in order to come into more energetic union.  No matter where you’re at, this is not a time to attempt to analyze and point out where the other has lessons.  Eyes on your own homework, kid!   The path of least resistance is the one where you immediately kick into your own work and self-reflection.   Always remember that the situation is 50% your responsibility no matter how you see it being more on the part of the other.  Just the very act of seeing things as imbalanced leads to judgment and finger pointing.

It’s a fine line to walk and can be a tricky situation to navigate.  Ultimate self-ownership and responsibility in the situation is mandatory.  In the end, the process is even more cleansing and purifying, allowing us to retrain our Ego away from stumbling Self and toward supporting Self.  Every situation is a gift in the sense of self-reflection or service to another in the form of healing.  The most basic form of healing, as well as the most challenging at times, is providing safe space for another to work out whatever they must within themselves while experiencing unconditional love in the process which requires stillness on the part of the one holding that space.

If you are experiencing Separation from your Twin Flame (or in any other relationship in your life) and aren’t sure where you’re at, how you can accelerate the process back to Union or the dissolution of the karmic debt, there is help.  Schedule your donation based session with Starseed and JB today to receive assistance with identifying the energies at play and develop the right plan going forward.

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