The Whole World Is A Divine Mirror

mirrorsThe whole world is a mirror. As we are all emanations of the same Source, we are still that Source in sovereign individuation, however, we are all still One. Although it is quite a paradox to tackle, it comes down to a basic principle of perception and realization that everything in your experience is simply a reflection. When you judge another, you are judging yourself. By the very virtue of perceiving superiority over another, you are creating a reality in which you have created a system in which superiority and inferiority exists and therefore, aren’t you also inferior to another?

Understand that being love means loving all beings and seeing the divinity in them. Even the cockroach is equal in its nature as an emanation of Source. A tree in your presence offers you an opportunity to love with gratitude for its beauty you either see or do not see. Will you honor it for the air it provides? The teacher is no greater than the student because the student offers the teacher an opportunity to reflect on the virtue of what they offer and so are also a student and the student is also the teacher.

One who is not conscious can become conscious and has that infinite potential in them. Judging that one is inferior because of your perception of their lack of consciousness can only manifest in your perception as you have cast out in reflection. Our very unwillingness to understand this Truth makes us as unconscious as the individual you have judged as such.

When we forgive another we are forgiving ourselves. When we love another we are loving ourselves. When we see all beings as divine, we are seeing ourselves as divine. When we see the beauty in others we can see even greater beauty in ourselves. When we allow, we are allowed.

Consider asking yourself:

How am I perceiving others and what am I projecting?

How am I judging others and why do I judge that within me?

Am I being love? Am I receiving love? Am I giving love?

What mirrors am I avoiding, and therefore, what Truths am I missing in those reflections?

What am I resisting that is causing resistance in my own experience?

What am I attempting to control that causes control in my experience?

Unconditional love is the law of allowance implemented and therefore is allowing and unconditionally loving self … as One. And, just as diverse as the trees are, so are humans. You can only perceive the darkness, sin, inferiority, superiority, love, hate, harmfulness or (fill in the blank) of another as much as it exists in you. Face your mirrors and you face Truth. Avoid your mirrors and you will only avoid yourself. Truth.

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