The Quickening and Ascension

ascensionThere are MANY of us experiencing the Quickening and Ascension, the Conscious Evolution. Once upon a time, in human evolution, some of us began to look different than others. We used to be hairier, we used to have tails, longer toes and more. During this period, predicted by scientists that named it the conscious evolution, there are many of us referred to as “first wavers” or “wayshowers” that are having an experience known as “High Strangeness”. These experiences are not typical or normal to that of most of humanity’s existence but, that doesn’t make them any less real even though most people don’t understand it. We are having ‘ascension symptoms’, experiencing paranormal happenings, seeing the very fabric of time and space change before our very eyes, cognitively remembering past lives, finding new abilities that we didn’t have before, meeting our divine consorts, receiving messages, seeing the false nature of the world we live in, finding it atrociously difficult to ‘fit in’ to society, feeling drawn out of the template created by the world and moving towards alternative ways of living, feeling a massive sense of purpose or a ‘calling’ and more.

Just because many around you don’t understand it, does not mean you are wrong or alone. There are officially MILLIONS of people experiencing this. Many of us recall feeling different from the time we were 5 or 6 years old and feeling disenfranchised by the age of 8 or 9. We have come to call ourselves Lightworkers, Starseeds, Twin Flames, the 144,000 (based on multiple ancient prophecies), Star Beings, etc. We go by many names and titles. More and more of us are waking up. More and more of us are quickly and rapidly finding our experience shifting in frighteningly fast ways… our manifestations happening quicker and quicker. I want to share the words of a woman named Denise Le Fay who began this process sometime around 2007:

“The Ascension Process is all-invasive, it leaves no aspect of you, your body, your consciousness, your life, beliefs, habits, expectations etc. unaffected. None. It is a dismantling process of the old lower aspects across the board so that humanity can naturally, but rather quickly all things considered, evolve or “ascend” to a higher frequency level of being, consciousness, life, reality and all else. The Ascension Process is you/me/we living the Alchemical process, literally in these physical bodies. And, I won’t sugarcoat this and say that living through this process is easy and pain-free because it isn’t.

However, the worst of the worst of this Process has already been done by those Forerunners, Pathpavers, Wayshowers, the “point men” over the past twenty-five, thirty-five years. We’ve anchored these NEW higher frequency Light Energies in ourselves and Earth on the physical level and others, which makes it much faster and easier for everyone coming up behind us to live through the Ascension Process themselves. But, it’s still weird and confusing if you don’t know what’s happening and why and that’s my reason for creating TRANSITIONS; to let people know that all this weirdness is normal for what’s really happening now within you and in the world.”

galactic codesYou are not alone. There are many of us that have cracked codes and figured out how to navigate this period of time and what it means. Reach out. There are groups here on Facebook, forums all over the internet, blogs-a-plenty. The most important part of this is that we TALK ABOUT IT. The more we openly and confidently speak of it, the more others will feel comfortable coming forward and holding our hand in Unity. The more people we can pull out of their own fearful torment, the better. One day, what we are all experiencing will be considered ‘normal’. Hang in there. You are loved. You are supported. Trust your heart. Trust your experience. Pay attention to the signs. You’re going to be ok.

We are Love. We are Wisdom. We are One. We are Many. We are Awake. We are Remembering. We are Healing. We are the leaders of the New Paradigm. We are Christ Consciousness. We are Krishna Consciousness. We are Buddha Consciousness. We are Peace. We are Deliberate Creators. We are Visionaries. We are Light. We are Spirit. We are Divine. We are Source.

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