twin flames 5Having worked with some of the most popular psychic and spiritual networks in the world and other routes to share her gifts with humanity, Starseed has been working independently for the past 13 years and has been evolving her practice day by day, as well as gaining further academic and spiritual wisdom and knowledge.   She is now in Union with her Beloved Twin Flame and the two of them work together to assist in areas others simply don’t have as much wisdom in, specifically when it comes to Twin Flame and Soul Mate relationships, spiritual matters and more.  In addition to their direct reviews, below is a sample of some of the most recent feedback from around the world and the web as they’ve worked with thousands of lightwokers, twin flames, starseeds and others.  Book a session with Starseed and JB today so you can find out what a simple conversation with a Twin Flame pair in Union with decades of esoteric and spiritual research and experiences is like and then add your feedback to the list next!

“John & Nikki, I am so grateful for your help in understanding relationships between male and female energies. You two are so wise and have so much to offer others in understanding themselves in relation to another with the paradigm of love in the center! Infinite gratitude and love for both of your paths.” – Chandranana

“I’ve spent my whole life, searching for JUST the right person, (or people) to hear my story, be able to intuitively feel me and who I am, be able to spiritually guide me because they have been through the same kind of war and hell that I have, and to truly HEAR me, because they are warriors just as I am…..I needed someone who would truly know what it is to love another human being…unconditionally, even though they have only been in each other’s life for a few moments since high school 15 years ago, and to know how falling in love with them felt, and how it is to know that this other person is falling in love with you too, even though none of it makes sense….I needed someone to know what that felt like, and to know how hard it is to be alone with this feeling and to feel like it’s the most sure you’ve ever been but that your mind is being lost and that you’re crazy and obsessed……to know exactly what it’s like to be in love and to be ready to marry this person and to give yourself to them unconditionally, even though you’ve never been with them intimately on a physical level yet….but know just how it feels to make love to them, and to never want another human being again, ever….to know what it’s like to love another, even through all those things, and though logically it is impossible….but to have someone who knew this love, and to know that it is more beautiful than words could ever describe, filled with the moments of pure magick and the logically unexplainable things and synchronisities that are an ever present part of who I am and what my life is now made of…..I needed someone who would know this from having lived it, and still be living it, and to teach me how to create the light that I have always had within me, into the ability to help our planet, and to one day sew my other half of my soul back together again, and be able to live in unity and oneness with the most beautiful man and most incredible love that I really do have in this life…..and to learn how to accomplish my extremely important mission, as a spiritually gifted and aware twin flame that has been asked to live in this present lifetime so that our love together can be used as the light and the force that will assist in saving this planet, and heal all those who need to be healed in order to raise earth into the Eden it once was, and will be again…..I needed a teacher to guide me, with the help of the love shared between me and my beautiful twin, as well as my teacher and their twin as well….and all the other beautiful 144,000 of us here, doing this mission on earth…..I needed a teacher to show me how to take all that I am, and all that I’ve experienced and been through, and use all of it as I had planned to do long before I was even born….a guide to show me my path, and the roadway to complete my mission….I’ve always loved the quote: “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear…”

This always resonated with me and somehow knew I would one day be found by the teacher I was meant to seek….

Nikki, and her John…..are the ones I had planned on meeting in this life before I came here, and to meet right when I did, at the perfect and most beautifully orchestrated moment in time.
I found them through Facebook and read their story….immediately knew that I was finally going to have the teachers and guidance that I’ve always wanted and yearned for….and that this is the time I am to begin my mission in the light.

They are my family, after only one session and a few hours of talking story telling and love….I am a part of who they are now and vise versa, and I’m devoted to their cause, just as they are devoted to helping me in mine.

You will never get to experience a relationship like this again….like the one you develop when you take them into your heart and trust in their guidance to help you…..they are the most beautifully gifted and loving pair of the same soul that I could ever have imagined to help me find myself and the light within me.

I am honored to have them in my life, and I feel lucky to be learning from them.

These people, these two humble and happy beings that are two parts of the same and beautiful light bearing, angelic soul, are the wisest, and most intuitively and spiritually gifted human beings, that I have ever met, and will be amazed at having met, in my entire lifetime of seeking and searching.

I can call them my friends. My fellow beings of light, my guiding twin flames that know that I am of their same kind….after one session with these incredible and humbled wise spirits, your life will be seen in an entirely new and beautiful way, and you will be given the things you most desire, by the universe and it’s undying love for you, and you’ll remember these two for the rest of your life, as the ones who changed it for the better and who helped you realize, everything you needed to know.

These two children of the light, keepers of the same flame of Gods oneness with all and with all of ourselves, are two inspiring and honorable individuals who you’d be glad to have met and given a chance at helping you find the light within yourself and the love you’ve always yearned for.

I swear to you this, don’t just walk by and not shake their hand, don’t not take the time and the opportunity to schedule a session with them for an hour that you have free….
If you’re reading this, know that you’ll never regret taking this chance at bettering yourself and your future, and that with these two kindred souls, all that you once saw as impossible, will soon become a very real reality.

Take their hand, spend with them some time, donate what you can afford, to their cause of helping the world…..they don’t want anything but all of us healed and happy, and them helping you, gives them the gift of you turning around and helping others, and the ones just out of their reach.

Paying it forward is about to be an everyday affirmation.
Let them show you how to remember yourself.

You’ll never be happier, if you do.

I guarantee your satisfaction…..find your light, and help heal the world. The first step is the most important….take it with these two by your side. I’ll never take another step with them next to me.

I’m sure of that.” – Dorian

“Our journey together has been about two and a half years of pushing, pulling, running and growing together and on our own…its been difficult at times and we’ve both gotten to the place where we wanted to give up but never could. Its been worth every second and I’d never change it for the world. Starseed…I love you two so much. If not for you and JB, I don’t know if I’d have made it here. The depth of my gratitude is immeasurable. Thank you for believing in us.” – Dawn

“Absolutely phenomenal session. I feel as if I could talk to them for hours. We chatted about their experience in a twin flame union and mine – and they gave practical advice that I have not been able to find anywhere else. I can’t wait to have another reading with them.” – Leah

“Best reading ever! Their energy was so positive, so contagious. It was what I needed at this time. They were able to provide me with some exercises to work towards manifesting a physical reunion with my true love. They were quickly able to pick up on my energies After my reading with them I’m feeling so much more positive and confident that not only am I on the right track, but I am also that much closer to making my dreams a reality. You have to, have to, have to, get a session with them. You will be sooo happy you did!” – Larisa

“Such a wonderful power couple!! They nailed the lesson I was supposed to learn and gave wonderful guidance and such care. YES! You want to have a reading with them, so much energy and love!” – Andrea

“I had such an amazing reading! My thoughts/questions were addressed even before I could articulate them. They were able to put everything in perspective by addressing both the spiritual and 3D aspects. Everything they said, although it might’ve been the first time I’ve heard of it, resonated with me. This was what I needed, to know that it’s ok to make those leaps of faith (: “  – Ayane

“Highly recommended for support and guidance, I really enjoyed the session and wish I could have stayed with them longer. A divine experience!” – Peggy

“If you have met your twin flame or are in a soulmate relationship..go for them as they can understand that and will guide you accordingly..as they themselves have experience.Go for them if you looking for a honest readings and coaching..i would call them TWIN FLAME COACHES OR SOUL COACHES..As their wisdom is from a higher perspective..GOD BLESS YOU BOTH..HAPPY TALKING TO THEM..WOULD GET BACK FOR SURE..:)” – Shruti

“I don’t know how I was drawn to Starseed and JB, but I’m glad that I was. Within fifteen minutes of the whirlwind appointment, my heart was cracked open and all the pain, sorrow, and joy of my twin flame experience spilled onto the floor for all to see. But I knew I was safe because I was with friends, real friends who I’d know for a long time who would tell me exactly what I needed to hear. My healing journey is difficult and yet knowing that they are here to help me is wonderful. This journey is not for the faint of heart, but if you desire change and are willing to make the effort, Starseed and JB have got your back.” – Misu

A few months ago I was in total turmoil. Although I had reconnected with my Twin Flame I was uncertain how to make things different this time. First I spoke with JB, an amazingly intelligent man, we shared a wonderful conversation and him having been in the position my TF is in mentally. JB suggested a few ways to express my unconditional love….also gave me some homework. I dillied around and attempted to do my home work, which is still not at 100% sorry, as I listened to JB I started feeling differently. Doing the work, made me feel amazing. Things really started looking up. This union headed in one direction and my friendships headed another. I reached out to Starseed, a very intuitive woman, who explained that this was also part of the journey. Starseed assigned me a bit of work herself, also not complete, sorry. A friendship was born here with these two. I love them dearly. In my opinion you will never meet two more genuinely loving people. I’m proud to call them family, my sister and brother. I am so very blessed to have made contact with this couple, a couple that has experienced and continues to grow, on a journey that many of us are also on. Their insight and guidance is priceless! The love and compassion for other Twin Flames is unconditional!

I am so grateful to have such wonderful role models/ spiritual advisors/ angels in my life. The mere fact that you have found them, is a sign in my opinion. You have been blessed to have landed in their presence.

And yes I personally credit JB and Starseed for the strides we have made toward our union, we are very close. I can never thank you enough for all you have done for me.” – Birdie

I always knew I was in a twin flame relationship but never really put importance to it. Thanks for helping me all throughout the session and for being generous with the time as well.  A lot of things have confused me, but you have help me in more than ways than just my relationship. Thank you.  🙂” – Aisha

“Starseed has changed my life, both in spirituality and personal growth. She helped me realise I needed to learn to love myself, and break limiting beliefs. Everytime I talk to her, I gain a different perspective on things and see that the world is a beautiful place. She has made me excited about living again.” – Sandi

Before I met her, I was at my wit’s end…. wondering why all sorts of horrible, negative shit was happening to me, why almost nothing was going in my favor… why it seemed like the world was crashing down on me. 

Now when I look back at myself a little less than a month ago, and look at myself now – I barely recognize that person I was! She’s helped me learn more about myself and what I’m supposed to be doing in this life on this planet, moreso than anyone else has over these 26 years I’ve been around… and STILL teaching me. For that, she has my eternal gratitude. 

Back then, I was about ready to throw my life away…I no longer cared about living and assumed I’d wreaked all the havoc I possibly could – Or so I thought. What I’m saying is, I could’ve NOT utilized my free will and NOT made the decision to seek help…but I did.  And I don’t regret it one bit. That’s a choice I made of my own accord, because I could no longer stand the pain my own Ego was causing and what I was letting it do to me. Looking back, I never even realized any of it…but she opened my eyes enough to see a bit more clearly.” – Brandon

Amazing in every way, can’t thank you enough!!! Xxx” – Amy

THANK U THANK U THANK U. She doesn’t know how much she has helped me. Thanks for the book suggestions and web links…and just UNDERSTANDING.” – Kalisha

What a wonderful session. I cried a bit. But definitely an eye opener.” – Dari

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