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The Seemingly Lonely Life Of A Starseed

The life of a Starseed can be a very lonely one.  Sadly, the plight is one that most people don’t understand and might even mock.  The very decision to talk about your Starseed status, according to clients of mine, can be more difficult than coming out of the closet as a homosexual.  For those who have had to do both, they report feeling more stress and more criticism and ridicule coming out as a Starseed than they did as a homosexual.  In fact, sadly, many people have never heard the term or believe it to be only a fictional status from a science fiction story.  The same was once applied to submarines, airplanes, cell phones and a number of other things that are considered normal this day in age.

One of the saddest stories, again and again, is that of the Starseed who takes their lives way too early.  It can be easy to understand when you think about the challenges we face.  Loneliness, a constant feeling of being out of place, segregation, ridicule and the ever growing feeling that we really are different than anyone else.  Finding support is even more difficult when we reach out to the online community and find nothing but trolls on websites meant to be safe havens and community gathering spots for others like ourselves.  This is no reason to give up, however.

The very reason we are here is to help others.  Think of the persecution so many others before us have faced throughout history, some even being executed for simply trying to spread the message they were sent here to deliver.  Fortunately, this day in age society is a little less barbaric and many more protections are in place for not just ourselves, but all societal outcasts.  Still, the fear can be just as overwhelming as the loneliness.

If we’re lucky, the ability to find one person in our lives who loves us and supports us knowing who and what we are is a blessing.  There are a rare few who have the support of many and they truly are the most fortunate.  This should not be the case however.  We cannot do our jobs alone.  While certain Starseeds, like Arcturians, can in fact use their healing abilities under cover through the medical industry or similar outlets, many of us need the support of others to do our jobs.  Even the simple task of figuring out who and what we are can be challenging when there are so many false people looking to rationalize their true mental instabilities.

Our job, then, is to reach out and find true Starseeds like ourselves that we can commune with and have the support of.  Just knowing that there are others who share the same plight in life can be encouraging and even still the very basic of having someone ‘believe you’ is an amazing feeling once it happens.  I am fortunate enough to have a small number of people that believe me.  Some people in my life don’t know anything about it because I know they would either ridicule me to my face, which is a painful experience I’ve had to deal with more than once, or almost more painful, ridicule me behind my back to others.

The bottom line, however, is not to allow the challenges to distract us from our jobs.  Starseed or not, challenges in life only push us to do better and learn more.  The wiser thing to do is to make sure that we learn from the right people, places and materials.  Not all authors are born equal and not all authors have the right intentions or information themselves.  As Deepak Chopra teaches, before acting on anything, reflect inwardly first to see if the karmic energy feels right with you.  Never take anything at face value, Starseed or not.

Know that there are many of us that would like to meet more Starseeds and we understand the pain you are going through.  We too have suffered it and suffer it on a regular basis but still find a way to smile and laugh every day and still find love and beauty on this planet because that too is part of our job during our stay here.  Knowing that something better lies on the other side is not a fair enough excuse to our universal family to end our stay here early, especially at our own hands.   Suicide is not the answer.

For those who live a full life, they will see how quickly the time actually did pass and when we move on to our intergalactic homes, reunited again with our own kinds, we will be celebrated for a job well done, and still we will think back on all the Earthly experiences we missed out on while we pitied ourselves.  That being said, this planet  is our playground.  We Starseeds, especially, are meant to travel, see the wonders of the world, meet its people and find others like ourselves.  Certainly we’re not all kept on the same continent, let alone speaking the same language nor bound by the same financial status.  We reside on all continents, speak all Earthly languages and live in all levels of wealth and poverty.  While each of us is creative and intellectual in our own ways, some of us are famous musicians, filmmakers, painters and have other creative careers while others still herd sheep every day, work in factories or are physically disabled, incapable of doing any job at all.

When you think about the challenges we face as Starseeds, think of the challenges that humans without the Starseed status face.  While we get to live lifetimes all over the universe, experiencing lifetime after lifetime in differing cultures, races, times and bodies, humans are stuck lifetime after lifetime living here on Earth over and over again limited by human technology, human wars, human mentality and are limited to the very thoughts their minds hold.  Think of the ignorance and intolerance humanity has suffered from the beginning of time and then realize how blessed we are to be free to know, accept, love and experience people of all types.  Our experience is limitless!

Don’t give up.  Don’t give into the pressures.  Forget about drug abuse and financial woes. Rise above it.  Learn how to use our human bodies to the fullest by the very gurus of this planet.  Learn to access your higher self.  The information available applies to us as well as human souls.  Don’t forget the blessings that await us and remember that if we don’t finish our time here as is decided for us, we’ll only be sent back again.

Hang in there kid… it only gets better!

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