Be Still And Know That YOU Are God

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Sometimes the fear of something may make you believe that you’re meant to bolt or act immediately. Don’t forget, that this is a result of our fight or flight responses, the most basic of our lizard brain responses. It’s necessary when we’re being charged by a rabid dog, in the path of a quick moving vehicle or our child is about to seriously hurt themselves. This is why this has not evolved out of us. It truly is a matter of instinct for the purpose of survival.

When we are facing an emotional or mental fear, the truth lies in quieting the lizard mind, quieting the animalistic instinct of fight or flight that will kick in when our brain experiences fear. Your ego, which controls most people’s emotions, doesn’t know the difference at that moment. It just knows you’re experiencing fear, whether it’s a moving train coming at you or simply the fear of judgement or the unknown.

To consciously exist, listen to your heart, more than your fear. The answer may be to simply remain still. If spirit wishes you to flee, act or speak, it will tell you loud and clear without fear being in the equation and will give you clear instructions in the form of a knowing of where to go or what to next. It won’t be a knee jerk reaction that results in regretful words or actions or in unnecessary exercises in excessive control.

For me, the question today was to run or not, presented to me in several tests in the course of hours. Each of them making my fight or flight responses jump, but each time knowing that it was all a test because spirit certainly doesn’t want me to go in 4 different directions at once so it must be something else communicating that to me. Instead, I chose stillness. Since it was such a new concept, I even took a vote of those around me… Do you mind if I sit still for the moment? And the answer was almost unanimously, “Yes… you’re worthy of this and you’re wanted/needed here in this moment.”

It was clearly a lesson for both John and I today as he had to experience his own stillness while I sorted out the battle with my lizard brain and my higher self. He passed with flying colors and the reward is just more love for ourselves, each other and those around us.

Tonight? Breakfast for dinner, a dip in the pool and some words of wisdom to contemplate from the man I’ve seen transform at breakneck speeds this last month…

You’re always going to be ok, even when you don’t think you are. Even if death is your current adventure, you’re ok and your next step is transition into the next realm or next lifetime. No souls will be harmed in the making of this experience.

Thank you to everyone that played the lilas with me today and gave me the opportunity to learn something new.

Be still and know that you are God.

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