Sophia Halcyon Apt – R.I.P.

Sophia Halcyon Apt – R.I.P.

Sophia Halcyon Apt
October 25, 2014
2:40 am – 5:30 am
Northridge, CA
21 weeks gestation

Born to myself and my twin flame, John JB Apt (aka Jai Bhakti), just 3 weeks too soon for modern medicine to be able to save her life.  She was in our loving arms for 3 hours before she passed away.  She came to show us her perfect golden heart.  The same heart all of us come into this world with and abandon once we allow the world we perceive around us to influence us to allow that heart to become tainted.  It’s still there and we can still become as sinless and pure as Sophia remains.  I will be sharing more words soon, but now I am still a little too emotional to go deep into the message and how it applies to each of us.  Much love to all of you.

R.I.P. our sweet pea. We love you and will miss you.


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