Pain and Suffering On The Twin Flame Journey

gravitational wavesWe are in magical and challenging times right now. Some are experiencing bliss and others are struggling. We are seeing twins come into Union much faster than expected and others being pulled even farther away from each other than had been hoped. Truly, we are in an energetic centrifuge that is polarizing twin energies like never before. This is why 2016 is such a make it or break it year for all of us.

While it is not just Twin Flames experiencing this, it is important to discuss here because TF’s have a very important role to play in what is happening as each TRUE twin pair is central to a very important larger energy grid for their interconnected soul flower and where they are affects all those connected to them.

To be love, we must start with SELF love. Self love is, in part, taking care of yourself. In Burning Man culture, one of the 10 guiding principles is ‘Radical Self Reliance’, which includes taking as much responsibility for yourself as possible while knowing when to surrender BEFORE causing yourself harm and asking for help BEFORE it’s a crisis and you’ve truly become a burden on the tribe. Self awareness is key. If you are complaining more often than celebrating, in one way or another, you are not practicing radical self reliance.

In these terms you are:
1. Not taking responsibility for your own actions and embracing what you can.
2. Bringing other’s vibe down and taking away from their joy instead of adding to it.
3. Leading a poor example for others.
4. One way or another, need help from someone to help you see your power or help you to find solutions to better coping with things out of your control.
5. Usually all of the above.

god and goddessTRUE Twin Flames are, in part, being taught unconditional love and healthy interdependence in order to manifest a New Paradigm of Unity Consciousness. If that sentence doesn’t jive with you, this is the first sign that you are NOT a TRUE Twin Flame. Even if you haven’t perfected it, this will resonate as Truth if you are, in fact, a TRUE Twin Flame. It is a basic tenant of what is known as Twin Flames, Twin Souls, Divine Consorts, Perfect Pairs, Polar Beings, Heavenly Partners and so forth. Regardless of what you call it, this basic thread of truth is available in all religious, spiritual and even theoretical scientific studies in regards to energetic and harmonic frequencies coming into balance at this time.

The conscious evolution, according to science, spiritualists and religious leaders, is about each individual CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSING their evolution. In other words, to put it plain and simple, if you are experiencing pain and suffering in your experience you are resisting the natural flow that is occurring energetically throughout the entire universe, to some extent. To put it in spiritual terms, you are fighting God as your inner conflict represents you resisting the divinity inside and out of yourself.

This is when it is time to ask for help. None of us is perfect and none of us can know everything. A spiritual leader or teacher, a woodworker and a homemaker all have their specialties to offer and are equally as important in 3D and 5D terms. There is nothing better about one or the other so any one of them claiming to be better than another as a whole is unbalanced and not harmonic. Allowing your ego to tell you that you can do everything on your own is an absurd fallacy because you’ll still call a plumber when they have the know-how and tools you need, you’ll still enjoy the cooking of a chef that has mastered the art of a specific type of cooking, you’ll still need to rely on the truck drivers, clerks, stock boys, farmers, etc that provide you with groceries, your job and your boss to pay you so you can afford to feed yourself and even if you are self employed you rely on your customers/clients to compensate you. We need each other.

twin flames 1Rely on yourself as much as you can, focus on what you can manifest and surrender and ask for help when you need it. Be honest. These are basics of self love and TRUE social responsibility. It is what creates actual balance, harmony and organic flow.

Now, what I am about to say next may ruffle some feathers but, I do this for love of all of you AND myself. I come speaking Divine Truth for the love of my Soul Tribe, as I Am one of the many goddesses awake and incarnate that came here in this time to Awaken humanity and bring forth Mother Energy to heal our planet.

If you are a TRUE Twin Flame and are not seeing signs of Union and/or are experiencing pain and suffering, it’s time to get help. There is a LOT of misinformation and misleading running rampant in the community and part of this is because of very misguided notions. How can you tell when someone is misguiding or misleading you? This is where some ruffled feathers are about to happen.

Simply put, anyone teaching anything other than complete equality of the divinity of ALL souls in EVERY representation of divinity is misleading you. In other words, any that says that ‘this’ type of Twin Flame or ‘that’ type of Twin Flame is better or lesser than another is not honoring the beauty of diversity of Divinity. Understand that claiming one color ‘light ray’ is somehow superior over another is attempting to indoctrinate SPIRITUAL RACISM. Think about it.

Anyone that wishes to sell you a spell, cord cutting, binding, dream invasion or any other form of energetic manipulation is asking you to give away your power and consent to energetically raping another. That’s a strong statement but, it is TRUTH. In addition, it doesn’t work. Ever. You may be temporarily satiated by the belief that it will work but, inevitably, you’ll find the same person on your heart and the same problems existing until YOU have accepted and implemented the lessons being brought to you and sometimes you are even creating MORE karma and even harder lessons as the universe gets louder and stronger until YOU take responsibility. For those of you who are spiritual, I ask you to reflect on the quote, “no man (or woman) can sever what God has joined”. The ‘twin flame cord’ exists for a reason and can never be severed. Ever.

mirrorsAnyone that does not bring you back to your own reflection, the divine mirror, and your own personal energetic harmony is not helping you. They may be appeasing you for a moment while you vent your frustrations and this is a very normal process with Twin Flame healing but, if it does not come with a follow up of what YOU must heal in yourself and how YOU can improve, they are not going to help you progress at all.

Any that teaches that Physical Union of Twin Flames is not necessary is, in fact, misleading and misinforming you. This is what has been labeled as a Separatist and they do not understand the concept of why we are here now finding our other halves en masse. The basic numerology of 111 being the number that represents physical Union and 1111 representing spiritual Union is because of what it means. Without the two coming together, the third energy (111) is not created and dissipates upon separation. 1111 is that which is Physical Union that leads to the holy trinity of 111 and leads you through the gateway of 1111, which is Unity Consciousness. The goal.

Any that has not manifested and maintained physical union cannot lead you any further than they have come. Think about it. We are only capable of teaching that which we truly understand, embrace and have implemented. This doesn’t mean that one has less potential or value but, in regards to merit, it speaks volumes. Again, this does not mean that one teacher is better than another. It just means that each has a certain level that they can bring you to until they’ve reached that potential within themselves and in their experience. Their are many quality TF teachers and leaders and each has their own special and unique style. Many of us were brought here to be in this role and I have full faith and confidence that each will reach their fullest potential in this lifetime. Meanwhile, be honest with yourselves (as teachers and students) as to what level you are at and how far you can go with your teacher or student. Teachers lead by example and create new leaders.

reaching outThe last point I will make about finding the right teacher is one who is willing to be flexible. If someone has something to offer that is a useful tool and they are placing limits on it (such as not sharing with those that cannot afford the price being offered or allow sharing of said tool with others by ones who have mastered the value and implementation of the tool), they have not embodied unity consciousness and that tool is now infected with lower vibration energies. To expand, if someone is selling something or offering something that is valuable and works and you, moving forward as a leader once you have mastered this tool, wishes to stop you from sharing it with others, is claiming ownership over a solution offered up to humanity through the collective consciousness. Requesting credit or residual compensation if you are in fact profiting from it when you share it with others is a different issue and depends on the individual arrangement but, no good idea that offers the relief of suffering should be held under 3D paradigms of copyright or trademark except to protect them from the misappropriated use by others for nefarious purposes.

With all that said, you as a student have responsibilities also. Honor the role of teacher. If what you’re doing isn’t working and they have solutions, defending your position and arguing or conflicting is not going to get you anywhere. Take their advice and truly bring yourself to a place of listening. Even if some of what they say does not resonate in the moment, it may later. You are coming to them for their insight and you are wasting your time and their’s by attempting to create conflict or avoid hearing what they have to say.

You have a responsibility to create as much energetic balance between yourself and the teacher as possible. While TRUE Twin Flames in position of leadership and in the teacher role do acknowledge moments where compassion and karmic debts are in play, understand that we are also intuitive and if you come to another asking for help and you have elected that your vanity, material desires or other random unnecessary expenses are more important than wisdom and healing, we’ll know that. As long as we live in a world that requires money, those that you go to who specialize in anything you need or desire deserve some form of financial compensation if they are not agreeing to offer it for free. It is up to you, without judging any other, to choose the provider and rate that resonates based on what you need or desire, just as with anything else in the world. While Twin Flame teachers and leaders are actually carving a new path for others, it is no less deserving or worthy of compensation than any other craft, art or service.


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Lastly, remember that your commitment and follow through are to your advantage. Finish a process before quitting on it. How you do anything is how you do everything. Your commitment, respect, investment and attention to your journey, or lack thereof, will be reflected by your Twin in many ways, as well as the entirety of your experience.

So, if you find yourself struggling, take the first step and surrender. Acknowledge its time for help and find a teacher that resonates. It’s honorable to do as much as you can on your own but, remember that your entire soul tribe and humanity as a whole suffers the more you do. Reach for help and know that the more relief and love you give yourself, the more relief and love you can bestow upon others and this will be reflected back to you many times over.

And, should you choose us as your Twin Flame Journey coaches on a donation basis, you can connect with us at any time to arrange your first session.

Love and peace to all of you. ❤️

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