Lucidity Festival 2014 With Blisstival and Starseed Davina

Lucidity Festival 2014 With Blisstival and Starseed Davina

lucidity-2014Hello everyone!!! 😀 I’m excited to announce that Lucidity Festival 2014 is coming up in just a week and a half and this will be the official launch of Blisstival‘s festival season. Join us there and hear our music, have a session with Starseed Davina (me), listen to and dance to some of the best underground electronica, eat amazing, healthy food (with us or in the food court), shop from the best vendors a festival can offer, as much yoga as you can take, healers, new friends you haven’t met and so much more… we can also help you if it’s your first festival because this isn’t like any music festival you’ve ever experienced before… this is a TRANSFORMATIONAL festival. If you’re ready to transform and meet friends and family you don’t even know you have and have the time of your life, let me know so we can connect. Are you ready to find out what is changing hundreds of thousands of lives all over the world?  I’d be more than happy to show you around.  🙂   I’ll be speaking on Saturday morning so please be sure to check the schedule for my official time and location when you arrive.

Also, keep your eyes out for some new blogs and books that will be available VERY soon.  Jai and I have been working around the clock it seems, some days, and crystallizing some philosophies and principles that we’ll be sharing in written format now as quickly as possible.  A lot is in the works, including some really big surprises I know most of you will be very happy about.  😉

I’ve also made a lot of changes to my website.  I’ve updated a lot of the pages and added an instant Skype button so you can chat with me right away.  I’ve also updated my profile to reflect all the self actualization I’ve gone through in the past couple of years, as well as what I’ve learned from all of the experiential wisdom searching I’ve been doing.  You can also expect to see a new newsletter in the works and a lot of new blog content with several different areas of discussion.  I always encourage you to join in the conversation.

As you all know, we do all our work on a donation basis, in service to humanity.  I’ve updated the suggested minimum donations including some monthly packages that can be worked out.  As always, these are suggested donations, which means that if you are capable of donating that amount, please do, and know that you will be subsidizing for those who cannot afford it, but really do need it.  I never turn anyone away that offers a sincere energy exchange of any kind.  I live a very minimal life, but there are some things that still require currency until our society shifts in a different direction.  That said, there is also a new option to set a monthly donation, even for a small amount, if you would like to assist in supporting my further research, academic ventures and making sure that I can maintain this ability to work with all those who need me, regardless of their ability to pay.

I look forward to hearing from and chatting with all of you very soon.  Much love to all of you!


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