The Lotus Flower – Understanding Twin Flames, Soul Mates and Soul Families

lotus flower 3It is my belief that all things 3D have a 5D symbolism and by contemplating the nature of something in the physical, we can see what it is trying to communicate to us in regards to the spiritual.  Sometimes things can get lost in translation and what means something to one person may mean something else to another.  Find the nuggets of truth in everything that you can, and let the rest go.  If anything I say, or anyone else says, doesn’t resonate just let it go.

The lotus flower has become a topic of conversation in my reality more than once.  John, my Twin Flame, explained the first moment of realizing his oneness with everything as having felt like a petal in a lotus flower… a dual part of a singular thing.  This vision came to him after a very intense yoga workshop, his first even, in the blazing hot summer sun in the desert.  After I heard his story, my attention had been brought to the lotus flower and it became something I have thought about often since then.  Recently, I believe I found the answer for me in regards to what it represents.  Of course, since he is my Twin Flame, I found that my truth of the lotus flower was not very far off from his.

I believe it is also important for me to explain, before I go on about the lotus flower, that it is my belief that we are all from Source and all returning to Source.  Source is LOVE.  It is pure and perfect and we are all in the process of working our way back there.  When we decided to collectively experience duality and expand into our own ‘individual’ missions, that expansion and our own soul amnesia due to our human mind, created a sense of separateness.  As everything, including ourselves, expanded into the ether we started to forget we are all one but, like a rubber band, the expansion is now turning into a contraction and this is why we are starting to wake up and remember who we are, how infinite we are and that we are in fact all one.  It will take time for everyone to remember this, so we must be patient but, as we go through this process we must return to Source AS Source.  That means we must allow ourselves to come further and further into a vibration of unconditional love, forgiveness, patience, compassion, understanding and all the other yummy things we started as that ultimately define what LOVE is.  Those vibrations are contagious and eventually everyone will catch on.  Be patient.  We have an infinite amount of time, even beyond this lifetime, to allow it to happen through our co-creative efforts.  I say that we must allow it because anything other than feeling THAT is simply a resistance to our nature.  It takes more time and effort to be anything else to others which means that we are only resisting our nature of just being LOVE.

Back to the lotus flower.

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What I saw was that each of us is in fact one half of one petal on the lotus flower, or the flower of life, overlapping with all the others in a not so dual reality, and yet our petal is only complete once we are in Union with our Twin Flame.  Their half of the petal is just as important as there is no completion of us without them.  Our close relationships with others (friendships, romances, children, etc.) are in the same soul family yet, the soul families also overlap.  In our own lotus we tend to share common themes and struggles.  We have common bonds and goals we came here to assist each other with and experience together.  What we fail to realize is that anyone that holds our attention, even an adversarial foe, is our soul family as well.  Their truth may simply lie on the opposite side of the flower and so while our goals may be the same, we come from a different angle.   With that in mind, we face the harsh reality that people like the Bush family and the bin Laden family are in fact soul family, thus, their push and pull towards the same things that exploded into war.

Let me reiterate that even your enemies are your soul family, here to show you something, teach you something, help you along in your journey moving back to Source.  Sometimes in Twin Flame relationships we forget this.  Both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine can have issues over close relationships their other half has with Soul Mates, especially if they are of the opposite sex.  In situations where our Twin has a close relationship with another we can become jealous, forgetting that if this person is that close to our Twin, they must be close to us too.  The closer they are, the more intimidated we might allow ourselves to become and this can turn into us responding with anger, jealousy, demands, control tactics, attempts to separate ourselves and a wide array of other negative (and still perfect) responses.  What we forget is that all of the closest Soul Mates our Twin feels called to are also our Soul Mates, since we are all petals on the same flower.  It may be that someone very close to your Twin Flame is simply touching their half of the petal the most so their relationship will seem closer and since we become caught up in duality, we tend to forget at times that we are also touching them because we are one with our Twin.

It also happens in relationships with our Soul Mates before we’ve reached Union with our Twin Flame.  The truth is that it doesn’t matter whether or not they are your Twin because the work is the same.  Whether it is your Twin Flame or a Soul Mate we are all infinitely connected and providing divine mirrors for each other showing each other places we still need to allow ourselves to heal.  The ultimate goal is Union with our Twin.  Your Soul Mates can help you to inch closer as they bring up issues for you surrounding your jealousies and insecurities, as well as a myriad of other potential areas we have allowed ourselves to become tainted in.  This is when it’s important to remember what love without attachment means.  What unconditional love really is.  To remember that what hurts is not what they are doing but instead, the attachment and expectations we’ve been placing on them.  Unconditional love has no conditions.  That’s the point.  The point is to reach a state of such gratitude in the NOW that there are no expectations of the other to even be there tomorrow.  It can be hard to grasp this because of all the world has taught us about commitments, vows, promises and so forth.  Unfortunately, we already know that all we’ve been taught is false and broken or else the world wouldn’t be in such a disarray and therefore we have to challenge all notions we know.  The rules we’ve been taught and the expectations we’ve been told to have of another are based in conditional love.  This is what we seek to change.

 transrevnWe are also unaware of all the karmic debts we carry and how karma tends to work.  Therefore, at times we misconstrue someone hurting us as karma THEY are now incurring for what they are doing, when in actuality, it may very well be karma we are paying for what we have already done in this life or another.  Karma can be delivered by someone other than the one you owe it to.  It can come lifetimes later or seconds after our ‘sin’.  The truth is that it is our need to practice more unconditional love, forgiveness, patience, compassion, understanding and attempt to be grateful for every karmic debt we pay as one less we’ll owe later.

As we are moving back to Source, things are accelerating.  As we burn off our karma and begin the process of awakening, enlightening and perfecting ourselves it can seem that the world is more and more harsh.  We feel that because our hearts have become softer, we’ve become more intuitive and compassionate of others and our ego pushes us to take the easy way out that involves no personal responsibility.  There is less pain involved in making our pain the responsibility of someone else because we then don’t have to face ourselves.  It takes more work and more potential egoic struggle to face what we are actually doing to ourselves.  You are never a victim.  You’ve chosen the path that led to the moment of this pain.  You chose the vibration and frequency that allowed events, circumstances and people in your life as they are.  The payoff for taking ultimate responsibility for the situation now leads to a new sense of power, where you now have the choice of the new reality you will create.  When that power comes in, peace comes in and we are officially allowing ourselves to flow back to Source without resistance.

Be mindful and seek gratitude for whatever it is that your Twin Flame or anyone else ‘is doing to you’.  Your emotional responses and reactions are cues for more of your deepest truths.  Whatever they bring out in you is a clue for you on your journey.  Sometimes something that is really good for us can be painful or seem harsh, when it is just the nature of what is needed as a method of delivery.  Most of us have had to undergo unpleasant medical procedures that were necessary for our own good and so they are the 3D symbol of how spiritual healing can be painful at times.  The more it hurts the more healing is available, the more truth is being shown and the more opportunity there is for you to practice more of the yummy goodness that is our very essence of unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion, patience and whatever else we are forgetting in that moment that defines our essence of LOVE.

In my own experience I knew who my Twin Flame was, however, I also had a very close Soul Mate that was necessary to come in and show me parts of myself that I needed to realize and heal. Mine was a victim mentality and doubting my Twin.  After a series of relationships and situations in my life that were easily interpreted in 3D as me having become a victim, the truth is that I was not.  I chose it all.  My deepest Soul Mate before my Twin Flame came in causing me no harm at all and was almost everything I would have hoped for in a friend or partner.  Although we did not become romantically involved, we did become quite intimate and ‘in love’ with each other in non-sexual platonic ways.  He truly is the second most important and valuable person in my life when it comes to my own self growth, while my Twin Flame, John, is the first.  I had to be prepared for my Twin by being called to awareness of this pattern so that I would not become the runner that I am when the reflections came so glaringly from my Twin.

victim mentalityThis Soul Mate called me into deeper truths that although he was fantastic, I was still finding situations outside of myself to look for evidence that I was nothing more than a victim.  It could be anything that happened from the way someone would speak to me to financial situations and even a car accident that was my own fault and I still tried to blame others.  I wasn’t ready to completely take responsibility for myself and therefore was comfortable and familiar with the idea of being a victim.  If he had not pointed that out to me in ways that angered and enraged me at times I would not have been able to go as deep as I have with my Twin Flame.  Why?  Because when my Twin has done things that brought up feelings of hurt, fear or insecurity in me I could have easily blamed him for them and not looked at the deeper truths of where I needed to grow.  From time to time I still fall into this pattern and after a short period of consideration I come to the realization that I am not a victim and need to take responsibility for my own reactions and responses which has led us to a place where, fortunately, we’ve been able to stay in Union and avoid what many refer to as ‘the separation period’.  There’s nothing to run from and nowhere to run to because I would only be running from myself.  I came to know before this Union because I loved this Soul Mate so much that I wanted to be a better person when I was with him and was reluctantly willing to listen to his feedback.  I resisted at first but, there were plenty of times it was so obvious I knew I would just look like a fool by denying it.   Without him I don’t know that I would have learned how to go in instead of pointing outside of me and finding a reason to run.  During times when my Twin has had feelings of jealousy or competition, he can be easily reminded that it was for HIS benefit too because of this lesson and many others my attention was first brought to by my Soul Mate.  I’m happy to report that the two of them are now very close friends and even challenge one another in ways I find ridiculously amusing these days!

Just like the lotus flower, the petals of our connection overlap and touch each other.  His closest Soul Mate touches his half of the petal and her closest Soul Mate touches hers.  Everyone around your Twin Flame is your soul family too and there is much to be gained from them.  ‘Self-respect’ and ‘self-love’ are often brought up as questions in dramatic situations as excuses to run, control and demand changes that limit the other person’s free will.  All this is doing is creating a false sense of security at the time and denying that YOU are completely responsible for all circumstances in your life and giving you a false justification to place conditional love on others.  The truth is, unless someone is causing you immediate bodily harm, it is my belief that you should never run.  Face it, because you’re only facing yourself and the sooner you face yourself the sooner you grow and the sooner you grow the less of these situations that become uncomfortable and painful for you will manifest.  So when these moments come up, ask yourself:

  • How am I manifesting this into my experience?
  • What is this showing me about myself?
  • What is the greatest opportunity in this moment?
  • What question have I asked that this moment presents the answer to?

flaming heartAsk questions and assume nothing.  My closest Soul Mate believes that everyone around him is more enlightened than he is and each of them is playing their role perfectly to teach him something about himself.  Although I falter at times, I do try to employ this theory in every moment.  The world does revolve around you in your own reality because you individually perceive things and the world around you in a way that is unique to you.  The only thing you truly have control over is yourself and what you project out to be reflected back to you.  If you don’t like what you’re seeing, find it in you and change it. Watch how things unfold like magic the way you really want them to.  If you remain lost, seek the counsel of someone who has successfully achieved what you wish to so achieve since they probably have clues that will help you.  Take everything with a grain of salt and if it doesn’t resonate with you ask yourself why.  There is truth in everything.  I really do mean EVERYTHING.  Even lies point to truths.  What is your truth?

If you are seeking Twin Flame counseling or coaching, please feel free to contact Starseed Davina.  Sessions can be done with her (Divine Feminine), her Twin Flame John (Divine Masculine) or the two in Union on a donation basis.  

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