Jupiter Ascending – Starseeds In The Mainstream

jupiter ascendingStarseeds represented in film?  We really are becoming more and more mainstream.  I have noticed a lot of synchronicities with the amount of people that are familiar with the term or just came across it right before we met or spoke, etc.  The shift is happening and the truth is, Starseeds aren’t just some group of special people, all people are starseeds.  Some of them just don’t realize it yet and haven’t taken their infinite potential into consideration.

Every day, the 3D is accelerating its’ lessons and messages to us.  I’ve even observed a shift in the type of ‘entertainment’ is available and what most people are looking at and more and more, it involves an overarching idea of expanding our awareness, thinking of different ways of living, warnings of where our world is headed if we don’t pay attention now and do something about it and more.  Even ‘Cloud Atlas‘ was a semi mainstream reminder of how infinite we are, how long we will continue to be here and a lot of other very poignant topics, such as taking as long as you need to learn a lesson… even if it takes lifetimes.  😉

The most important thing that any of us can do in this moment in time is stand in our truth and light.  Be yourself, remember who you are and remember your infinite nature.  The trailer for ‘Jupiter Ascending’ shows us that it’s not about what we do down here to get money… it’s about who we really are and with a little nudge, we can all rise to our power and fulfill our mission!

What can you be doing to remember who you are?  What can you be doing to step further into your light and embrace your potential and your mission?  Is it going to take a cataclysmic event of intergalactic proportions to wake you up and make you take action?  You are infinite.  Each and every one of us comes here with an individual mission.  Some are similar to others but each of us with our own gifts and talents to contribute to the process and the war at hand.  One way or another, the Earth will be cleansed.  We can choose to allow it to go into self cleaning mode, which means there’s no planet for sentient life anymore, or we can choose to start standing up claiming our seats at our thrones.  It’s time to lead armies by example, practicing what we preach and allowing fear, hate, greed, and other infections of the mind and ego to fall away from our conscious existence.  We must work each and every day to reprogram those parts of us that are still ingrained with those memes that are keeping us in a mode of ‘less than’ our best.  Ask yourself, if time, money, education, judgement, fear, support or whatever other excuse you’re currently using were no object… what would you be doing to live the most fulfilling life you possibly can?  You may surprise yourself with the answer if you consider it honestly.

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