Happy Earth Day 2013!!!

Happy Earth Day 2013!!!

Hello brothers and sisters!

I’m always very happy on Earth Day because, not only do I LOVE Earth, but it also happens to be my son’s birthday!  Leave it to me to birth a child (all natural with a mid-wife) all those years ago exactly on Earth Day while my mother and great grandmother stood by to help.  🙂

Ok enough of that lol!!  I hope you’re all planning wonderful activities to celebrate the beauty of this planet and your connection to it.  Some celebrations already started today in Los Angeles, but you can always do your own if there really isn’t anything near you.  Trash pickups, planting flowers or trees if you can, or just spending an hour or so in meditation to heal the planet.  There’s so many ways to go about it!  I hope you’ll all find your own way to participate.

In honor of Earth Day 2013, I’ll be offering $20 readings (30 minutes) and $40 readings (1 hour).  As always, I understand if you can’t do it on such short notice so if you need to purchase it now and use it later you can, however, to cash in on this offer your purchase must be made by midnight April 23.  For purchase info, just let me know and I’ll point you in the right direction.  🙂

Thank you so much  for being a part of this wonderful time in the world where so many are awakening, evolving and ready to honor our mother Gaia.  Much love to all of you!


Starseed Davina



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