Friends First On The Twin Flame Journey

Little-boy-and-girl-friends-forever-coupleIn our second video about our Twin Flame journey, we discuss our friendship that built over the course of one year, one month and one day before we came together in a physical relationship. We include clues for you to navigate through separation phases using the Divine Mirror to take clues and hints from your other half on areas you need to work on and places you can heal and learn inside you so as to have that reflected back to you by the other half of your soul.

It is even suggested for traditional relationships, so why would we skip this important step in our Twin Flame/Twin Soul journey?  This is the phase where you can really learn to love unconditionally, which means without expectations.  This is the phase where you can truly learn how to practice self love, forgiveness and more.  Time and again, our ability to evolve as best friends before we attempted to be anything more with each other helped us quite a bit later on the path in many unexpected ways.  In the times when the mirror could feel infuriating, we always remembered that this was our friend, first and foremost, and so even if we couldn’t be the best romantic partner to the other in that moment, or they couldn’t be the best romantic partner to us, how could we be a good friend?

Truly, your TF is teaching you the core meaning of unconditional love.  They are training you how to be with the rest of the world and walking you toward unity consciousness again.  They are the physical face of God in your 3D experience and will be the most profound experience anyone can ever have.  They are a gift and they are always there as your greatest healing if you are willing to surrender to the process.  It’s ALL love, even when it doesn’t seem like it in a moment.

We hope this helps you and if you wish to receive help understanding and accelerating your path to union, or if you’ve hit bumps in the road while in your physical union, please feel free to reach out to us for a donation based session to assist you.

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