The following are some of the most commonly asked questions we receive before, during and after our sessions.  We’d like to get to the good stuff during our sessions, so please take a moment to look through and see if one of the questions you had in mind is already listed below. If you need clarification on what we’ve already provided, be sure to ask us in session.  Please keep in mind that there are many different beliefs and ideas about the spiritual topics we focus on, however, we hold space that everyone’s path is perfect and that there are ways of integrating the Truths we share into any Spiritual Path or endeavor.  We offer wisdom from many traditions, understandings, and writings across a vast spectrum of esoteric and spiritual beliefs.  Ultimately, people are whole religions unto themselves, their lives the living practices of their own spiritual journeys.  We offer what clues we have, and you must choose if they are of use to you on your adventure in this reality.  Questions related to sessions with us are at the bottom of the page.


How do I know if I have met my Twin Flame?
You wouldn’t ask this question if you had.  Your heart knows the very moment you meet your One that there is something different.  Perhaps you’re just becoming conscious and you’ve never heard the term before and so you’re learning that this is what it is and that is understandable.  If there is uncertainty or doubt in your heart, it’s important to examine whether the connection i just not “The One” and you’re in a catalyst soul mate scenario – or if you are simply prone to doubt and the first lesson is Faith.  Regardless, if it’s a profound relationship, the work is the same and you are on the Twin Flame Journey either way.

Soul Mate relationships are just as sacred and divine as Twin Flame relationships. When we do it right, we get to keep transformed, platonic relationships with our soul mates that fit right into our Twin Flame Union – and likely, are Key to Fulfilling our Mission.  That said, typically the feminine half of the pair usually knows immediately with some profound energetic or divine experience that cannot be ignored, in addition to other strong indicators or ‘symptoms’.  When in session with Starseed and JB, typically they can ‘feel’ or ‘see’ the energy around you and help you sort out what it means.

Can you tell me what ‘they’ are thinking or where ‘they’ are at?
Presence is key on this journey and while we often connect with your TF during sessions, we are not psychic spies.  With our abilities, we are all learning what the best practices with integrity are and we have been shown time and again that being a ‘psychic spy’ is not in integrity except in rare circumstances.  You being present with yourself and your own journey is vital.  When you allow your mind to wander into worries and concerns about the other, if they are out of touch with you, you aren’t Present.  Our goal is to assist you in finding peace and presence in your own experience, trusting in the divine plans.

When will they call me /come back /  text/ wake up /apologize / commit / or otherwise completely validate my insecurities and settle my fears?
This question can only be answered by the two of you for many reasons.  That said, a lot of what this journey asks for is for you to learn true Unconditional Love for yourself, then your TF and then the rest of humanity, as that is the cause you are here to serve.  Unconditional Love does not place expectations on others.  Your insecurities and fears are no one’s responsibility but your own, and therefore, we see that the validation comes when one is not seeking it and when you choose love over fear, so will they.  All that you desire is on the other side of your own healing, so focus on yourself and you will see drastic results in your life.

My Twin Flame is a runner.
What if we told you that YOU are the runner?  Usually what we see in the other is merely a reflection of something we’re unable to see in ourselves at the moment.  We have found that oftentimes, the one that claims they have a runner IS the runner in one way or another.  We all run and we all chase in different expressions.  The stronger we become in ourselves the easier it is to navigate relationships with others.  Let us help you get more centered and present in your experience so you can stand strong in your own Pillar of Self.

How do I disconnect from my Twin Flame?
One does not simply disconnect from their twin flame. This is an infinite connection that represents the Alpha and Omega.  Man cannot sever what God has joined.  The idea of cutting cords or somehow severing your connection with anyone, let alone your TF, is futile and while we’ve seen people pay to have this done or follow some sort of prescribed ceremony, spell or other process in doing so, there seems to be a cathartic experience based on their own belief that it will work and then they find themselves right back where they were before.  There is no escape from what it is you are asked to do, be, heal and become – on the Twin Flame Journey. Not even death.  It is inevitable.

How do I find my Twin Flame?
You don’t find them, you find yourself. You invite them and call them in. You love yourself first and believe in big things for long enough for them to manifest into your experience.  You walk your path of greatest joy and they will meet you there when divine timing aligns it.  That said, we are able to help you ‘prepare’ for your TF and learn how to use the mirror in the now so as to clear all that you can on your own.

How do I fix my Twin Flame?
They are not broken. This is about a journey to yourself and the more authentic and healed YOU become, the more authentic and healed they become.  The path is about you.  As the other half of you, they will energetically follow suit, whether they are conscious of it or not.

What are false twin flames /shadow twins / dark twins/catalysts?
False labels and illusions. Everyone we love is a soul mate of sorts. Our Twin Flame is the highest expression of a soul mate, as the other half of you expressed through duality. Every love is perfect. Every relationship is a teacher. Every partnership is Divine. We must work our way through clearing karma and learning lessons with our soul mates. All of us. Including them. Including your Twin Flame. Taking responsibility for your manifested experience begins with putting down demonizing or victimizing labels and seeing self as the root cause of experiences – the good and the bad.

I was told that it’s very rare / hard / impossible / taxing / painful / sacrificing to actually come into union with your Twin Flame.
You heard that from runners. From people not in union because they weren’t willing to accept their own greatness and their own worthiness. From those afraid to face themselves. If you want to believe that, you’re more than welcome to create that reality for yourself. We believe very differently. We believe in You and Your Union. We believe that it is your Right and Calling if you have been led on this path in this lifetime. We believe that it is inevitable for every soul and piece of conscious energy in the universe and that we have an infinite amount of time to all decide upon the same inevitable and irrefutable finality of this creation, as we return back to Source. We will all become ONE again.

Be mindful of what you believe.  There is a lot of disinformation on the internet.  Follow what resonates with your heart, whether or not it justifies what your ego wants or doesn’t want.  When in doubt, choose the most empowering and joyful reality you can imagine.

What if my Soul Mate / Twin Flame is abusive?
It is important to remember that as a consciously spiritual being on this journey, you are being asked to usher in the New Paradigm.  Therefore, we are presented with challenges at times that are asking us to look at it from heart space and find the actual healing.  We aren’t here to invoke more punishment on others.  We are here to invoke more love and healing.  Whatever occurs in your life, it’s always important to examine how it ‘manifested’ in your experience.   There are several questions and a lot of ways to work in the mirror to identify this, however, it is also important to be looking for New Paradigm SOUL-utions to the challenges now.  The current way most of humanity’s issues have been dealt with has been unsuccessful at creating true sustainable healing and seems to prefer punishment and more separation.  We cannot tell you specifically what to do, other than making sure that you are physically safe at all times, however, we do see these scenarios as invitations to explore new possibilities of sustainable healing and inevitably have something to do with your own personal templating or your mission.

How do I defeat black magic / dark entities / aliens / soul mates practicing witchcraft / voodoo / hoodoo / Santeria / The Illuminati/ government conspiracies / those with negative intentions towards me / evil in-laws / energy vampires/ narcissists/ the entire universe which is out to get me?
Let there be LIGHT. If you don’t see any light, be it yourself. Darkness cannot exist where we shine our light. Your fear is what allows any darkness to exist in your presence. Your FAITH and LOVE is what will defeat your Fear. Darkness will retreat before you, into the shadows as you shine your LIGHT.  Always ask in every situation, how is this a gift?  Why have I been trusted with this? The only evil in the world exists within each of us as the judgment of others as “bad” or “evil”. Even if what someone else is doing isn’t in alignment, they will call in their own lessons, and nothing has power over you unless you grant it power. See the Good in People, even if they are still learning. So are you.

Why won’t others validate what I’m experiencing? Why won’t they wake up?
YOU are the validation for them. Wake them up gently. No one wants cold water splashed in their face when it’s time to wake up. Be the validation and you don’t have to do anything. Others see you and come awake.  Meanwhile, there are millions, if not billions, of already awakened individuals around the planet and you can find them and join in fellowship through a myriad of options.  Speak Loving Truth Once – and know that it continues working inside, don’t expect to get to see it, that’s just ego – but every message and messenger counts. Know that what you are doing is working, and So Shall It Be. We can also come up with a custom plan for you to ‘find your tribe’ in our sessions.

Am I a starseed / indigo / crystal / rainbow / walk in / hybrid / angel / archangel / prophet / messiah / saint / demon / reptilian / Sirian / Arcturian / healer / light worker / chosen one / 144,000 / reincarnated soul / Bodhisattva / teacher / scientist / spiritual leader / monk / pastor / preacher / magician / wizard / sorceress / Christ / witch / Mary Magdalene / Virgin Mary / Buddha / King Tut / Krishna / Radha / Shiva / Shakti / messenger / oracle / psychic / mystic / alchemist / artist / asshole / human / God / Goddess / ascended master / primate / time traveler / trickster / animal spirit / cosmic gypsy / hippie / glitch in the matrix / Neo / Trinity / Einstein / revolutionary / warrior / part of the resistance / dragon slayer / pirate / Theosophist?
Yes. You are all of it. What do you want to be today? Go be it.

Are you a starseed / indigo / crystal / rainbow / walk in / hybrid / angel / archangel / prophet / messiah / saint / demon / reptilian / Sirian / Arcturian / healer / light worker / chosen one / 144,000 / reincarnated soul / Bodhisattva / teacher / scientist / spiritual leader / monk / pastor / preacher / magician / wizard / sorceress / Christ / witch / Mary Magdalene / Virgin Mary / Buddha / King Tut / Krishna / Radha / Shiva / Shakti / messenger / oracle / psychic / mystic / alchemist / artist / asshole / human / God / Goddess / ascended master / primate / time traveler / trickster / animal spirit / cosmic gypsy / hippie / glitch in the matrix / Neo / Trinity / Einstein / revolutionary / warrior / part of the resistance / dragon slayer / pirate / Theosophist?
We are just as infinite as you. What would you like us to be today? We will be it. What is the burning question on your mind and what is the burning desire on your heart?

Am I the ONE?
Yes. So is everybody else. Go be it.

I keep experiencing synchronicities /1111 / 222 / 1234 / the color purple / dachshunds / strange cats meowing / caterpillars / humming birds / 3 leaf clovers / people named Michael / time loss / time acceleration / and other bizarre things. 
AWESOME!!! You’re awake. Roll with it. Follow the these, don’t obsess over them. Create a life of authenticity and liberation so that you can follow the guidance in your heart that knows when and where to go on a moment’s notice.  What are they pointing to? What are your guides communicating to you? What are you seeking validation for? Soon enough, you’ll see more syncs than you thought were possible and things much stranger than that. When moments of magnitude happen you’ll instinctively know to look over at the clock just in time to see the 11:11 click. You won’t need the validation anymore and it will just Be wherever you look.

Am I going crazy?
No. You’re going insane, and it’s fabulous. The dictionary definition of insanity is “mental derangement”. The removal of ranges on the mind. Your mind is becoming unlimited. You can now access the unlimited potential and infinite connection to Source.  The dictionary definition of crazy is irrational… do you feel that you’re being irrational or infinite?  Maybe a little bit of both, but be assured that it has a Higher Purpose.

Does my mom / husband / wife / ex / cousin / boss / counselor / soul mate / neighbor / friend / hair dresser / nail tech / dentist / psychologist / landlord think I’m crazy?
Yes, they have noticed your insanity. We’re all a little crazy, but only a few brave ones are insane. They will catch up, or be challenged by the new you. That’s okay. It’s quite on purpose.

How do I know which reader / teacher / guru / psychic / counselor / coach / guide / Jedi Master / spell caster / pharmacists / insurance salesmen / friends / blogs / advisers / relationship experts / critics / cheerleaders / news stories / philosophies / myths / religion / God / Goddess to believe?
All of the ones that resonate with you. All of the ones that help lift you up into your highest iteration regardless of your initial goal. The ones who have succeeded. The ones who practice what they preach. The ones that closely remind you of what is already on your heart. The ones that encourage you to remember who you are, infinite and unlimited, redeemed, worthy, capable, magical and spiritual. The ones that help you release your fears and limiting beliefs and inspire you to be the most authentic you. The ones that don’t try to ‘fix’ you. but rather, gently nudge you towards your Truth. The ones that don’t try to impose their rules and say ‘this is just how it is’ or limit you to one dis-empowering or less than satisfactory result. The ones that give you YOUR power back instead of taking your power from you. Each path is unique and what works for one will not work for another.  Follow your heart and the synchronicities that Spirit lines up to lead you to the one(s) you’re meant to gather clues from.



What are your sessions like and do I need to do anything to prepare?
Our sessions will last approximately 1 to 2 hours on average, first time sessions usually take the longest.  We are facilitators of spiritual healing, guiding you to your own truths.  Each session is unique, as each of you is unique.  We use intuitive abilities combined with 23 years of esoteric research and spiritual studies, and a plethora of spiritual and holistic healing methods in the totality of our work and will be customized to help assist you in reaching for your full potential. This can include journaling exercises, guided meditations, channeled messages, energy healing, aromatherapy ‘prescriptions’ and more.

No matter what area of your life you would like to improve, inevitably there are limiting beliefs, fears and ego programs running in all areas of your life and we dive deep to discover and heal those parts of you that are creating the less than blissful life you’re currently living.  We guide you in becoming the seeker of your own Truths, the Hero in your own story and the Healer that the ones you love deserve. It’s in you.  It’s in all of us.

Please have paper and a pen for notes.  Even better, having 2 journals available (at least one brand new blank one, nothing fancy, but something blank) will be quite helpful.  Be fed and hydrated.  Be sure you’ve attended to nature.  Set aside time and space with as few distractions as possible so that you can get the most out of your time.  You’ll probably want some water and tissues available as well. If you like shiny rocks and spiritual stuffs, light a candle or some incense, sage the room, hold a favorite grounding crystal. You can even prepare a few questions beforehand if there are things you would like to address specifically, but this isn’t necessary.

Can I get a free reading?
Yes… your local library has many ‘free readings’ available to you. We, however, are coming from our vow of service that starts with self love and works its way out to love of others.  All beings must give and receive in balance.  We give quite a bit to those that have nothing to offer, (see our mission website for clarification), and so must be open and willing to receive from those that have the ability to give in return.  We believe in the true divine flow of abundance and sacred economics. Energy exchanges are always open, as you may have unique gifts that money cannot buy and perhaps you have other ways you can provide a mutually beneficial energy exchange. Information on our sessions and our suggested donations, along with a donation button, are available here.

How do I know if I am meant to work with you?
We suggest that you take time to get to know us.  You can check out our social media writings and videos to see if we resonate, check out our reviews on our fan page and then if you’re still not sure, message us to request a 30 minute introductory call so we can connect and see if we all resonate with one another.  Your Heart will know!

Our Facebook fan page (viewable even if you don’t have Facebook) has quite a bit of our writings and videos.  Our YouTube Channel has some of our videos, although we do a lot of ‘Live Streams’ on Facebook, so again, check that out.  If you’re still not sure or you are sure and you’re ready, reach out to schedule a time to speak with us!

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