Dynamic Relationships

oneOne of the most common misappropriated emotions moving within humanity is fear. Go deeper and it is fear for self and fear of lack. Many are coming to experience something we call ‘extraordinary relationships’ or ‘dynamic relationships’, which is a deeply spiritual connection between two individuals that triggers a desire for an expansive form of commitment within and moving outside of the relationship.

The very nature of these relationships is to teach us more about ourselves on a soul level that inevitably brings us to a space of examining ego and all of its trickery. Often times, challenges come in when we are faced with seeing aspects of ourself that are uncomfortable or our attachments to things that no longer serve us are brought into question when we don’t feel ready to let go. Whether it’s familiarity, fear of lack or habit, the discomfort we experience with the unknown of what lies beyond that attachment triggers a sense of defense of the very thing. Many are cognitively aware that what is being challenged is of no use anymore and serves no purpose and yet, the primal urge of ego wishes to fight back and say, “MINE! YOU CANT TAKE THIS AWAY FROM ME!”

These dynamic relationships are not simply happening between individuals in romantic relationships that have ongoing connection. It’s being seen in interactions or groups in our lives with strangers, co-workers, etc. It’s no difference whether it’s your partner asking for non-serving behavioral changes, someone on the street asking for help, your job asking you to act or perform in ways that don’t resonate, or any other expression, choosing actions and behaviors misaligned with your heart are there to challenge you from ‘Me’ to ‘We’. From Individuality Consciousness to Duality Consciousness, to Union or Triality Consciousness and evolving into Unity Consciousness…

If you are triggered into negative emotions in any situation, ask yourself what moral and/or ethical question is being presented to you in that moment. If some sacrifice is being asked of you, and you acknowledge that you are emotionally triggered in a negative way, are you acting instinctively or intuitively?

The two are vastly different. One comes from heart and one comes from ego and they can both be present at once leading to confusion and conflict inside and out.

Some examples are obvious in romantic relationships where behavioral or habitual patterns are addressed and challenged. Work environments where the very nature of your work leads to moral or ethical dilemmas where inner conflict begins due to knowing what you are doing or being paid to do is not for the highest good of humanity and yet, you fear the lack of money if you quit or fear being fired if you challenge the operations within the organization. Being asked for money on the street and fearing lack and not giving to the person in need. Not standing up in moments that injustice is being presented to you. All of these are sins against Self.

Every one of these scenarios is present FOR you. Nothing is happening TO you. Each of us has a higher path of purpose to be served and we are all being pushed. As we grow closer and closer to Unity Consciousness, remembering that we are One, take to heart that each of us comes from one Source, are connected to that Source and are all eventually going back to that Source.

If the sacrifice you are being asked to make is challenging ‘me’ and asking you to remember ‘we’, surrender. When you support the divine, the divine supports you. There’s nothing to fear and all individual sacrifices will be rewarded in greater ways beyond that moment of uncertainty. Know that you are with Spirit and Spirit is always with you, regardless of what spiritual path or religion you are committed to. Love, compassion and forgiveness are always in order.

ConsioussThe peaceful revolution requires many fearless answers of no. It also requires many challenging answers of yes. Our very existence is is in a state of acceleration. In a way, we are in a race of consciousness.

Remember that enlightenment is a journey and its destination is the place of Oneness. While the push to get there faster is being felt by many, trust the 100th monkey AND speak up and remind when you can see places you know someone can do better. We can do so gently and lovingly while remembering that we are only reminding ourselves because we are all one.

Be fearless. Be free. Be authentic. Be love. Be peace. Be generous. Be action. Be truth. Be conscious. Be diligent. Be kind. Be strong. Be aware. Be mindful. Be open. Be trust. Be flow. Most of all, be You, which is an emanation of Source here to interact with Source. We are One.

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