Chakra Energy Report for Twin Flames

Chakra Energy Report for Twin Flames

From our Divine Wisdom Keeper brother, Rick Jewers:


(short version)
Since Nov 2016 the previous enhanced feelings of your sexual energy has been lessened. Your lower chakras are fine, and this was done at a higher level to temporarily remove distractions from your Soul growth, and more importantly, the growth of the Collective as a whole. Prior to Nov, the very active lower chakras were causing stagnation in the Ascension.

There is Unconditional Love and the slightly different aspect of Love associated with sexual desire. With the heart chakra being activated in many at that level, stronger than ever before, the new felt energies caused many to actually focus and experiment with the lower chakras instead of advancing from the heart upwards.

Although All were not affected to a large degree by the increased energy in the lower chakras, many were. Twin Flames were greatly affected as well, on an individual basis.

(long indepth version)

In Nov 2016, a major recalibration of your individual Chakra alignment occurred. This recalibration is ongoing and is a temporary measure. It was decided at a High level, to temporarily disconnect almost fully, the sexual fibre connecting the Sacral Chakra to the Higher chakras. This happened to most that were ready to advance to higher levels in activating their Merkaba, their energetic vortex, the lower form of the Light Body. This was/is neccessary to allow you to advance at a much more refined rate. Everything is working perfect with your lower chakras, we just had to temporarily sever them a bit, so that you could work on the upper chakras, the chakras that advance you into the 5D and beyond.

As you know, this Ascension is a process that enables some of you at this time, to energize and integrate the Light Body within your Human Vessel. Those enabled with that ability, take their physical vessels with them at least, to the next stage of Ascension. The process encompasses a wide array of activations within your Human vessel, as well as deactivations, all in accordance with the Divine Plan. The process involves proportionately transitioning the Human vessel to a crystaline base, rather than the carbon based organism that a Human body is currently classed as being. At this Now, some of you have evolved beyond the Human classification and to still refer to yourself as Human, creates a small hindrance. The hindrance occurs because; your thoughts are energy, you manifest/create with your thoughts, your thoughts dictate your vibration, your vibration decides whether you are Human or something a little more evolved. So, if you keep thinking you are Human, the brain will not accept that you are something more, holding you in a certain dimensional spot. You have individually received enough confirmation by Now, that your physical body is changing within, hence, all the Ascension symptoms.

Normally, in the past, upon the Kundalini being activated, the Soul would and could, proceed at a more suiting pace for that Soul. But, what happened in Nov, changed all of that. Because of the overall HEIGHTENED general frequency/vibration present then on Gaia, it intensified your individual energetic vortex, with heightened sexual and sensual impulses. This was creating a stagnation in the Ascension, whereas focus started increasing on sexual desire and not the overall advancement of the individuals Chakra alignment to higher levels. It had caused a lull in the expansion of the Collective Christ Consciousness, which is one of the tickets to the 5D.

The awakening males were mostly affected by this, increasing their Human mating instincts and arousal. From a Human perspective, their hormones were in overload. But, there was also a female portion affected as well. This was causing a great distraction that needed to be rectified, which was more easily accomplished from Higher intervention. We needed more males/ Masculine energy to proceed WITH IGNITING their upper chakras, to create a sustainable balance to create forward movement of the Collective, and populate the 5D. To ascertain that enough males would awaken further in accordance with the scheduled 5D trip, this measure was taken. In Nov, the portion of females able to Ascend to 5D at that time was 73% of the overall number, the males represented 27%. The overall number continues to increase with more males being activated at higher levels within. Although there will still be large numbers of females being activated at higher levels as well, this round will see a very appreciative amount of males, more than any previous. This round began in Nov.

The Twin Flames were affected by this adjustment as well. Although the “knowing” remained of the truth of the Twin Flame Union, a lot of the pleasurable energy surrounding the interactions, became little to none. With the actual “feelings” absent in a lot of cases, some confusion and questioning arose within, and did expand outwards. It created uncertainty and doubt between the actual pairing. Although the inner knowing had been imprinted by the Flames, it just did not feel as empowering and extensive as before. This disconnect caused by the adjustment, triggered many areas within each Flame and allowed for deep purging on an individual basis, to occur. There is always a method behind the madness, if you will.

The Twin Flames play an important role in sustaining the initial 5D Grid currently being constructed. The Flames must be compatible with the 5D frequency in order to resume their proper locations on the temporary initial 5D Gaia. Once adequate discipline of their energetic fields and actions is sufficient, they will spend most of their time in the 5D, until it is sustained enough for other Ascendees to arrive. Many Ascending take frequent trips to the 5D Now, but they do not permanently stay there Now, because it is not fully prepared.

The amount of Twin Flames will increase. The amounts of Soul Mates will increase handsomely. Some existing Soul Mate Unions will transition into Twin Flame status. Relationships are becoming more aligned each day. For a few Twin Flames, because of Sacred reasons and because of their advancement, their lower chakras were left fully connected.

Love and Light

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