Brothers and Sisters: It’s Time For Global Coherence!!

beach loveBrothers and sisters!!! This is so important. This is just ONE video by ONE man with a UNIVERSAL message. Please watch this and subscribe to his channel as he continues to share his message and PLEASE start sharing yours too! Get a blog or make videos or create documentaries, write books, paint pictures whatever you have to do. We have to get this message out there that we HAVE CONTROL over all of this. There’s just a handful of people in this world that have convinced us that we don’t have power in ourselves but there are BILLIONS of us and we don’t have to listen to the lies they’ve told us about why we should hate each other and not share our resources and ideas and so much more. WE ARE brothers and sisters. WE ARE one. WE ARE divine!

I am so fortunate to have met this man and from the moment I laid eyes on him, I knew in my heart there was something special about him and I’m so glad that I have had a chance to get to know this man, my brother, and receive so many gifts from him in the form of wisdom and love and guidance, encouragement, motivation, etc. to keep this moving and put some momentum behind global coherence. Please share this video, and start sharing your own message in whatever form you speaks to you. I love you all! Thank you for being here with me in this revolutionary time in human history. Let’s not forget the path we can pave for ourselves and the dead end that will be our default if we don’t act NOW. Thank you for letting me be heard. Thank you for letting Michael’s Wave be heard and thank you for spreading these messages. Peace be with you all and please feel free to share your comments and ideas on this post or on the video.

The message to preface the video from Michael himself is as follows:

This video/expression represents “Check”.
The next video/expression will represent “Check Mate”.
Let’s imagine “Mate” representing Divine Union.

The only question remaining is this:
Are you able to accept the possibility that the answers to humanities greatest questions are not only hiding in plain sight, but are actually extraordinarily simplistic as well?

If you were able to bring about world peace and the end of war, poverty and corruption at the push of a button, would you press it?

By simply watching this video you are pressing that button.

This is the Tao of Social Enterprise.

To do nothing, yet leave nothing undone.

Infinite Co-creation can begin immediately.
What shall we leverage for humanity? Social Media Perhaps?
I assure you, your “ability-to-respond” has been infinitely leveraged!

– Imagine a row of dominoes. Each domino large than the one before.
– These dominoes represent fear itself and the last one is humanities collective experience of FEAR.
– The first domino represents any hesitation you may have in sharing this video. 🙂
– It is the size of a button. The Share Button. 🙂
Thank you for the wonderful experience Stephen Morris!

As for the music. This is “Waves of Light”.
Jonathan Goldman, honor to you brother for this inspired piece of harmonic divinity.
This and Holy Harmony!


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