Be The Light

I’ve noticed a lot of unsatisfied people lately. I see it in person, online, in Facebook statuses… really it’s everywhere.  People, humans, are dissatisfied.  By no means do I wish to reprimand anyone, but I do want to share a little philosophy that I hope helps you.  Life seems to be increasingly disappointing to many and yet they don’t realize how much control they have over that.  I do understand that there are a lot of things we can choose to be unhappy about right now ranging from the tragedy on the East Coast, to the conditions in the middle East all the way to the price of gas!  Anyone you ask can come up with many reasons to be unhappy and dissatisfied in life.  Even the Buddha based his journey and teachings on the fact that we as humans are inherently born of suffering, but the challenge is to transcend that.

The truth of the matter is that none of those things need ANYMORE negative energy and validation sent their way. What they need is positive energy sent their way. The more we focus on the ‘bad’ about those situations, the more we’re going to instill the fact that they’re bad and they’ll gain the momentum of negative energy. Perhaps we can celebrate the survivors and their strength on the East Coast and have gratitude in our hearts for all of those helping in any way that they can. We can be grateful that we have websites to connect with others like ourselves and find a connection with our universal brothers and sisters. We can be grateful that we live in such an amazing world and nation that at the end of the day there is the abundance needed to afford the price of gas for the things we absolutely need, even if it doesn’t seem to be helping you right this moment, it is within your reach.

There are so many things, at any given moment, to be happy and grateful for. I know you can all find it.  Cute dogs, cute kids, the roof over your head, your internet access to come to this site, inside jokes with friends, that warm cup of coffee or tea sitting next to you right now, the mood of the holiday season, the sun rising and setting every day, the quiet of the night time and the beautiful stars over our heads, our gifts and talents and all the opportunities we have in life… I think you get my point.

I truly believe that those of you reading this not only have the ability, but the responsibility to be the ones to bring light into the world. That is the gift we were given and are meant to share with others. I will be spending as much time as possible thinking about the positive aspect of this amazing life we’re experiencing right now and all the possibilities it holds and that each and every one of you will have a happy and abundant life. I hope you’ll join me.  Thank you, all of you, for being a part of my life and for allowing me the space to be heard.


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