You Are The Answer To Others’ Prayers

We ARE the hands of God.  I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it until you get it.  😉  You ARE God. You have INFINITE power and are INFINITELY necessary.  God doesn’t need more prayers; God needs people willing to be the answer to others’ prayers! You ARE the answer to other people’s prayers.  I was gifted the opportunity to explain this twice today and in one of the situations, I was blessed enough to bear witness to someone’s moment of awakening in the process.  It was a profound experience to have been the one to hold her hand while it happened.

We look at the world around us and forget just how important we are and we feel overwhelmed by the amount of ‘work’ it will take to make this a better place, but just by BEING YOU, you are sending out ripples of healing.  Everything else simply sends out ripples of suffering instead, so why not just be you?  Still don’t get it?

ThumbnailImageSome years ago, I wrote The Universal Inspiration Project as a means of inspiring these ripples from my efforts.  In addition to that, I do spiritual counseling and coaching for a living.  I do this on a donation basis as a servant to humanity which is something I committed my life to in 2013, having been very affected by the 10 Principles of Burning Man and trying to bring the energy of Burning Man “off the playa” and into the world.  I decided that I would offer any and all of my gifts with no requirement or demand for anything and trust that whatever comes will come.  Eventually John, my Twin Flame, joined me in this vow as well and has been spectacular in holding the faith even at times I got a little shaky because this means that often times, I’m spending time helping people that have nothing to offer but their gratitude.  It means other days a simple conversation will lead to an entire car payment in one donation.  It means that I trust in the Divine so deeply that I KNOW it will all be ok and I am worthy of eating every day, having a roof over my head, having clothes that I’m comfortable in on my back and that I have enough free time to continue studying the texts I need to in order to keep growing, learning and raising my awareness.  It means that some of the BEST rewards have nothing to do with money at all and today was one of those moments.

Just by BEING me, I was rewarded financially AND through the profound experience of holding someone’s hand and guiding them to their destiny.  In their profound moment of realization in what their purpose and mission is here, they realized that they are here and have experienced and done and experienced everything that they’ve done (including the ‘mistakes’ and ‘wastes of time’ and ‘bad experiences’) for the mission of becoming one of the world’s newest leaders in the teaching of conscious parenting (emotional parenting) as a means of healing so many of the world’s problems.  To help them understand the profound nature of this, I explained how if only thousands of people read that book she is meant to write on that subject, those parents will employ this new method and those kids will grow to be more empowered, less burdened and will have a much easier time achieving their infinite potential without the burden of the limiting beliefs and mind viruses created by their parents.  Those kids will also go on to have their own and do the same type of parenting in addition to achieving and fulfilling their missions that are surely meant to benefit the world and now millions of people are being positively affected by her mission and purpose.  That’s just in THIS lifetime.

beyoutifulEven when she’s transitioned from this lifetime, her small efforts of just BEING her and just focusing on what she CAN offer the world, it will reverberate in some way or another throughout humanity for the rest of our existence, and possibly even out into other intelligent races if/when we make contact.  She is God… sending vibrations of love whether or not she’s physically present and her healing bursts out infinitely.  The infinitely humble moment I had was my realization that I was God too (how many times do I have to be reminded of this before I just hold onto it?! 😉 ).  Just by being ME and just by doing what I’m good at and giving what I have to offer, I was able to assist with my healing, in healing her and offer my guidance in walking her towards her destiny so now my little bit of love shared in that moment, I am sending love through her to all the others she affects… my fingertips sweeping the edge of the universe infinitely connected to everything as ONE.

This was huge for me, but it doesn’t have to stop with me.  You can do this too.  Each of us has been gifted with SOMETHING that we can offer the world.  It’s really simple.  Just GIVE of YOURSELF.  You have something… your healing, your voice, your music, your art, your generosity, your excess stuff, your smile, your hugs…. We all have SOMETHING to contribute to the world.  The most powerful of these gifts is the practice of Unconditional Love.  This is the umbrella for compassion, patience, forgiveness, acceptance, generosity, and all the other yummy things that we offer each other from the heart.

helping handsWe all have a LOT to contribute to the world and most of us are not doing our part.  Every little thing you do has a reach that goes much farther beyond your comprehension and much farther than your lifetime.  We ARE the hands of God.  God doesn’t need more prayers; God needs people willing to be the answer to others’ prayers!  You ARE an expression of God and you have the ability to embody whatever you want.  Part of the process is the faith in knowing that you may not see the results of what you offer, but knowing that in the very nature of your giving, you have done what you must.  Why not choose something bigger than what you’ve chosen before?  Something more genuine than what you’ve chosen before?  Something more loving than you’ve chosen before?

You can make a difference.  You ARE the difference.  There are no horsemen to wait for, no angels arriving.  We are the angels and the horsemen.  We are the messiahs.  We are the saviors of the human race, each doing our part to spread the vibration of love and healing and abundance with the entire planet.  What are you waiting for? You have everything you need RIGHT NOW.  Go!

If you find yourself needing assistance with finding your mission and/or purpose, don’t hesitate to contact Starseed and JB for their donation based coaching and counseling services.  

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