Amy Winehouse and Norway Tragedy A Part of the Starseed Connection

So many people right now are mourning the loss of almost 100 people in Norway this last Saturday at the hands of Anders Behring Breivik, in addition to the lost of a music legend, Amy Winehouse. Sadly, I don’t think anyone can see the very real connection between the two and so many others in their generation, our generation, and others that are so desperate for a change with little to no promise in sight. There is a frustration inside, the desire to make a difference and feeling so overwhelmed that they either give up or take the most drastic, and sometimes tragic, measures.

Unfortunately, if you were to ask me, it is due to the fact that you have an extremely uncooperative group of generations, with very closed minds, trying to fight against the Starseeds that are coming in and until this stubborn group of people admits that what they’ve been doing is wrong and has in fact only worsened us as a society, this frustration and struggle will continue until all of the older generations die off of natural causes or comes to their senses. I don’t think the latter will take place first.

Meanwhile, our Starseeds, the group of incoming souls that are MEANT to change things and make them better for humanity as a whole, are frustrated, feeling lonely, overwhelmed and have a hard time connecting with society because they know in their hearts it’s not what it’s meant to be. Society has turned into a greedy, angry, violent and selfish creature that is destroying itself and everyone and everything else around it by emitting such negative energy that it is almost impossible to fight off. Starseeds are inundated constantly with bad news: disaster, death, corrupt politics, warring countries, warring religions, a dying planet, etc. Add to that the amount of TV shows glamorizing and financially rewarding dysfunctional, destructive and disrespectful behaviors and Starseeds get lost. Lost, lost, lost. Desperate.

It’s difficult to know that we’re here to fix this place and make a difference when you see such behaviors that contradict what the universe is all about. What our lives are meant to be. Where love is no longer the foundation of human existence and hasn’t been for a very long time.

Anders Behring Breivik and Amy Winehouse are perfect examples of lost souls who needed someone to listen to them. Someone to hear them out. For warring factions to quiet the bombs and remember that we are all one. They were misguided by those who were supposed to teach them, comfort them and lead them in the right direction.   Instead, they displayed examples of the most perverse kind with actions entirely opposite of what they should have done.

In no way am I condoning what Anders Behring Breivik and Amy Winehouse did.  They chose the wrong way to handle the situations, obviously.  However, how can we condemn them before ourselves?  How can we condemn them before we condemn the people that are the problem?  Something drastic has to happen to make someone want to kill that many people.  To do so many drugs in such a short amount of time.  It’s extremism in it’s most harmful form.  Drugs, dysfunction, violence and self destruction.  These two were simply mimicking those society says they’re supposed to look up to.  The people they’re supposed to be like in order to be successful.  The American government has killed millions in the last century and that makes them a super power but this young man is a terrorist.

Again, I’m not by any means saying what they did was right. Not at all.  But it makes you think.  What is the difference between someone like Gene Simmons who gets to go out, have sex, do drugs and rewarded with millions and millions of dollars or Amy Winehouse?   What is the difference between our military being applauded for killing over 110,000 Iraqi civilians so far in Iraq alone since 2003, but that is bravery!  That is heroic!  That is them just following orders and doing their jobs.

What are we teaching our children?  What kind of examples are we setting?  What is our government and governments around the world telling children they should do and be and how they should act when they grow up?  Why does humanity think that the best response to a difference of opinion is to put a gun in your hand or someone else’s and have them eliminate the disagreeing party?  Why do religions have to have this overwhelming need for power?

Spirituality is meant to make us better people, not kill others.  Religion is simply a way for someone with a motive to have an excuse to kill others.  It doesn’t matter if your’e Christian, Muslim, Jewish… whatever happened to loving your brother?  Your neighbor?  Doing kind deeds?  Why did it turn into killing and murder, mass murder?

I’m not condoning what Anders Behring Breivik and Amy Winehouse did, but I am crying foul on the leaders of our world today.  When will they begin to see the error of their ways and start to try something new?  When will the bloodshed stop?  When will the greed of one and the lack of another stop?  When will we start acting like HUMANS and stop acting like MONSTERS?


  1. Your so right. Very good article. Lots of us just get so sick and tired of the same old structures and not being heard, it can be easy to fall into many traps. For me, none of the society structures, or very little, make any sense to me at all. Its a “me” society. Lots of us are just tired of the BS.

  2. One other thing. The “world leaders” are run by entities that aren’t here to serve humanity. So in a sense, we should have some compassion on them. Some of these folks are blind puppets in a game and have no idea the magnitude of what they are being used for. Its not about changing the world leaders or the congress, senates, presidents, etc. Its about confronting, and transmuting the entities and energies that have made these people their host. Yes, they work together, but the real cure lies in whats controlling the disease. Peace.

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