A Declaration About December 21, 2012

I am constantly disheartened hearing about and seeing so many people taking advantage of people’s fears and insecurities about the so called Mayan Prophecies about 2012.  That our world is ending in any number of ways or a mass ET disclosure will happen or a complete governmental collapse or any number of other ‘negative’ events.  The people shouting this idea from the mountain tops are usually ones that have something to sell you whether it’s survival gear, a book, a pyramid hat or some other random item or service that you’ll ‘need’ when the alleged time comes.

What I have to say about it is CHILL OUT!  NOTHING of that magnitude will happen.  If anything has come of all of this or will come of this it will be a broader understanding of the dysfunctions of our society and what we need to do together to resolve our issues.  We all need to learn how to be self sufficient during a time where we’ve learned to become reliant on everything from the government to the trucking industry and public utilities.  We need to learn peace keeping skills, stress reduction and management, think positively and be kinder to one another.  We do need to settle our differences as humans and create a better world as a whole, but it’s not about to end.

While others are saying that any number of ‘bad’ things will happen, I believe that something good will come out of this.  I believe we’ll all come out of this a bit wiser and smarter, so in a way, you can thank the ones that are nickel and diming you out of your hard earned cash on one of their irrelevant products, but I for one would much rather focus on the ones that approach things from a positive place instead of fear mongering.

I believe that when all is said and done, the mass event will be an awakening and awareness like no other.  That we will be more united as a people, laugh at ourselves for falling for the apocalypse stories once again, brush off the dust, come out of our basements and laugh.  Then, we’ll continue to live our lives in a much more independent manner, releasing others from the obligation to care for us.  I believe that we will be able to say, “THAT was a close call!”, high five each other for our survival and move forward working together in community with those around us.  I believe that the ones that prophesied that the world would end will be exposed for the charlatans that they are.  I believe that this is the last straw for us as a people, allowing others to get into our heads and plant their negative mind memes that control our outlook, thoughts, views and expectations.

Perhaps you have been affected by this and do, as a matter of fact, believe that the world will end somehow or another.  To that I say to you, you’re right!  It will.  It will cease to exist AS WE KNOW IT.  But that’s all.  It will still be here.  It will just be in a different head space.  The ones that scared you the past 20 years or so will have to put their tail between their legs and conjure up some new Armageddon story to sell you their snake oil or go get a day job.

Please be aware of who is putting thoughts in your head and creating patterns of thinking that don’t serve you as a person and don’t serve you spiritually in a way that will help you grow.  Let’s pretend for one moment that the end of the world was in fact coming, do you think you should spend those last days pointlessly building underground barricades that would fail anyway, blowing your money on survival gear that wouldn’t work and reading books that plant gory details in your head for you to panic and worry about?  Or should you spend those last days spending time with your family and friends, doing everything on your bucket list, laughing, loving, sky diving, swimming with dolphins or any other thrilling and enriching experiences that will help you enjoy life?

I believe that we SHOULD live every day as our last day.  We should tell people we love them, forgive the ones that have hurt us, call the ones we haven’t heard from in awhile, check in on our grandparents, plant a seed, smile at strangers, enjoy the fresh air, dance in the rain or bask in the sun, laugh as much as possible, hug as many people as possible, sing funny songs, find the beauty wherever we can and add to our legacy.  If anyone is encouraging you to do differently, they’re not serving you properly.

Yes, preparation for potential disasters is important but it doesn’t have to be so grim and like many times before in history, a date has been attached to this fallacy that the world is ending and we’re all doomed.  I promise you that we’re not.  The only reason we would end up being doomed is if we go back to negative thinking which leads to defensiveness, prejudice, wars, ego driven decision, fear based actions and in summary, exactly what’s already wrong with the world.

I promise you there will be a 2013 and it will be even better than 2012.  I promise you that there will be battles fought between people and their governments,  corporations and citizens, our egos and our higher selves.  No matter how frightening it may seem, remember that it is for a higher good and only by putting our very best selves out there will we be able to accomplish what needs to happen, which is the transformation of our society from a greedy corporate run world into a peaceful, loving community based society that helps each other and shares our abundance with everyone so that we are all happy and taken care of and have the same opportunities.  That abundance can be in the form of money, seeds, love, clothes, shelter, compassion, clean water, knowledge or whatever else YOU are abundant in and can share with others.  Share it.  Become a part of the change.  The shift.  It’s happening now and it will continue to happen because the world will not end on December 21, 2012.

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