A Clarion Call To The Divine Feminine

woman-8This is a clarion call to the divine feminine.  This message will need crystallizing and is not yet perfect, but I am channeling it freely.

 I am seeking collaboration with each one of you to join me in the peaceful global revolution by creating the largest public silent peaceful ‘sit in’ that humanity has ever seen.  For 3 days, we will sit together at every significant landmark in the world.  Just us and the children who can choose of their own free will to be with us.  We will sit silently together, meditating, praying, in ceremony, visualizing and holding signs of love and desire.

We will be in alignment in the largest unionizing of sisters, planet wide in our vulnerable, beautiful state of love and desire.  We love this planet.  We love every man, woman and child on this planet.  We love every animal on this planet.  We love every plant on this planet.  We love every body of water on this planet.  We love abundance.  We love peace.  We love security.  We love the collective that is us in the collective conscious we share.

We desire the weaponry to be turned into livingry. We desire sustainable and renewable energy sources to power our buildings and vehicles.  We desire the pipelines to only bring water to their destination.  We desire for oil to stay where the Earth has put it.  We desire for coal to stay where it is.  We desire for chemical production only to occur when it is all inclusively a benefit to humanity.  We desire green production.  We desire that everyone’s basic needs are given freely as their human right.  We desire that the land belong to the people who are willing to tend it and care for it.  We desire leaders who have peace on their hearts.  We desire all trademarks be open sourced freely.  We desire all businesses to benefit humanity.  We desire the freedom to practice spirituality or not as we choose.  We desire all of nature and humanity to thrive in every way possible.

For the next year, we will come together in one place.  We are a free church that doesn’t care about what religion you choose, what your socio-economic status is, what your sexual orientation is, what political affiliation or national status you hold.  Without fear and without limitation we will be in digital fellowship together while we decide upon all the greatest ideas we have looking forward.  We are going to let go of and forgive what is in the past and focus on what we want moving forward.  We are going to fearlessly hold faith and love in humanity and give it our vote of confidence.  We are going to align ourselves in sisterhood, in spite of our differences and our past experiences with each other, embracing them as the diverse experiences we’ve chosen so that we could all see what we needed to see for contrast to decide upon and learn more about ourselves and what our individual heart’s desires are and how we can bring them all together now for the greatest question of all…. will the masculine marry us and fulfill us?  This is the temple of the divine feminine and she needs a name.

During those three days, our men get to decide.  For three days we will sit together silently and peacefully with our signs of love and desire that we’ve crystallized together.  We will embody the greatest aspects of the feminine.  Our vulnerability, our natural beauty, our love, our forgiveness, our trust and faith, our prayers and meditations, our spells, our dances, our hugs, our smiles, our tears, our laughter… without words leaving our lips.  We have nothing more to say.  Now we only need to be.

Oprah Winfrey holding the hand of the homeless woman.  The muslim and the Jew hugging each other.  The Christian and the Luciferian sharing in beautiful visions of the future.  The things we can ALL agree upon on our hearts, our minds and our signs.  We are sisters.  We are the mothers of everything.  We don’t even need to say a thing and all women will be free on this day.

If your employer wishes to stop you, quit your job and you will be taken care of and your sisters will employ you afterward. If your husband protests, come anyway and your safety and well-being (for yourself and your children) will be taken care of by your sisters afterward.

If you are ready to stand fearless, in forgiveness, in unity, in your power… show up.  I have chosen for this to begin on the summer solstice, June 20, 2016 and to continue through June 22, 2016.  Between now and then we can be planning and deciding the most loving, peaceful and beautiful event in history.  Let’s crystallize this together and make it happen.   Where would we like to begin?  A website?  A Facebook page?  A fundraising campaign?  Are you a leader or a participant?

This is the vision I’ve received.  It’s a gift.  It’s not mine to hold onto so I am sharing it with you freely.  What’s next?

We are enlightened enough already.  We are healed enough already.  We are beautiful and perfect just the way we are.  We have power in numbers.  We have strength in ourselves. Are we finally ready to see it?


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