Month: October 2012

The Only Way To Truly Be Successful In Life

Get happy!  Just like Abraham Hicks says.  Just get happy!  It is entirely possible to find things to be grateful for and be happy about and ways to enjoy yourself no matter what your circumstances are. There is always a reason to be happy, a reason to be grateful and a reason to stop negativity…

I am constantly disheartened hearing about and seeing so many people taking advantage of people’s fears and insecurities about the so called Mayan Prophecies about 2012.  That our world is ending in any number of ways or a mass ET disclosure will happen or a complete governmental collapse or any number of other ‘negative’ events….

1 Hour Love Meditation Guided By Deepak Chopra

A powerful guided meditation session by Deepak Chopra focused on Love. <A HREF=””> Widgets</A>

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