About Starseed and JB

Greetings, friends! We are Starseed and JB (also known as Nikki and John). We are Twin Flames – two halves of One Soul, created together by Spirit and brought together by Spirit at this time to work in grateful service of humanity. Spirit has pulled us from our illusions, humbled us into our hearts, and asked us to give our lives to something greater than our own amusement, comfort, or achievement.

We are students of Spirituality – seeking always more knowledge, common ground, and Unity in all spiritual paths and religious traditions. We are omnifaith ministers and shamans – sharing messages of Love and Light from all spiritual paths, our own channels to Spirit, and all that we have learned from a world full of Teachers.  We have found our greatest niche in working with other Twin Flames, although we have worked with many who have not been called to that path with great success.  Our ministry aims to raise planetary vibrations by offering uplifting service to all those called to us in need of guidance. In addition to our spiritual one on one work, we participate in several causes such as service to the homeless, refugees, crisis intervention and counseling and collaboration on humanitarian movements and sustainability projects. We are spiritual facilitators and shamans, working entirely on a donation basis. We are musicians sharing spiritual music from many traditions. We are healers laying hands with prayer, reiki/energy, and massage. We are teachers, speaking at conscious events and on the streets as Spirit moves us. We do not fit modern society’s mold for what a human – a couple – a free church – should be, and we are proud of this. We are here to do something different, show new ways, and to help others remember old ways that are serving of the greater good.

You can learn more about our earthly mission by visiting our mission based website.  Meanwhile, here are the vows we’ve taken together:

Vows of Service and Humility

  • We vow to love and honor our divinity and the divinity in everything and everyone on our journey unconditionally.
  • We vow to be authentic with ourselves and others, while ever aspiring to find deeper wisdom and understanding; always remembering above all else to be students.
  • We vow ahimsa (non-violence in thought, word, and deed) to all humanity.
  • We vow stewardship and husbandry of all Creation.
  • We vow to live in service to others and to good causes as Spirit guides us, and to take care of ourselves enough to provide fit servants for our Creator and those we serve.
  • We vow to be a conduit for the flow of abundance by continually seeking and receiving wealth and goods, using only what we need as a tithing, and sharing the rest with others.
  • We vow to be humble in our personal effects and lifestyle, to value the utility and usefulness of items in our care while serving our missions, and placing the greater good ahead of our own material desires.
  • We vow to continue to seek the value, meaning and implementation of Divine Union and Unity of the One World Tribe in all relationships, individually and globally.
  • We vow to continually face our fears head on, healing any false programming or limiting beliefs that still exist within us as we push through to our ultimate transformation and unlimited potential to serve our divine purpose to the best of our ability in any given moment.
  • We vow to honor the spirituality, beliefs, practices and truths in all paths and religions. We will continue to seek guidance and teachings from Elders and Wisdom Keepers, always building on our own daily spiritual practices, integrating and sharing what resonates with us and is in alignment with our divine connection to the one true Source.
  • We vow to practice what we preach and preach what we practice, consciously and diligently identifying places where we can continue to improve ourselves. We forgive ourselves for any perceived moments of sin, failure or mistakes because we see them as opportunities for more learning and growth.
  • We vow to be, and to encourage others to be, the change we wish to see in the world. We take personally responsibility for ALL the healing that is needed and trust Spirit to guide us to opportunities that have the greatest impact for the greatest good.
  • We vow to use our abilities, our knowledge, our gifts, our voices, and our hands to empower others to their own greatness. We vow to see all others as equals, deserving of love, deserving of forgiveness, and deserving of healing if they are willing to choose it.
  • We vow to uphold these promises, together, to our last breath in this lifetime – and every breath that lies beyond. These are our wedding vows to each other, before God, and before All Creation.
  • We vow to read our promises here, to marry ourselves to each other, to God, and our Mission each day, with gratitude and joy on our hearts, adjusting and adding to our commitments as we learn and grow.

nikki ordination certificate

john ordination certificate

If you find yourself needing spiritual guidance at any point in time, we are available on a donation basis for one on one consultations.  Our focus area is Divine Unions and Starseed Missions, however, we love assisting others with any leg of their journey in all areas of life.

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